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  • Possible solution to “layoff disputes”

    In Ontario, it’s pretty well established that unless there’s a contract which says the employer can lay the employee off temporarily should the need arise, then a layoff is effectively dismissal without cause. This would mean that the employer would have to give notice, or pay in lieu of notice. Of … Read more »

  • COVID-19 & your Small Business

    This article will summarize some key information and resources for businesses on a few fronts: Government resources and links Legal issues A general life update It’s taken me a few more days to get this out to you than I would have liked, but I was waiting until government responses and support prog … Read more »

  • How to Start a Distillery in Ontario

    Here’s an article that’s been a long time coming. On top of my law practice, I’m also a founder of Last Straw Distillery, an award-winning micro-distillery near Toronto, Ontario. I started out as the company’s lawyer, and as with any small business, that role has slowly expanded to a litany of other … Read more »

  • What happens after we die?

    Anyone who’s ever been named the executor or estate trustee for a friend or loved one knows what a confusing world it can be. Even with my legal training, when I found myself in the role, it was almost overwhelming simply trying to figure out where to start. Getting started was important, because fi … Read more »

  • When do you give employees time off?

    One of the more monumental-seeming tasks for a business owner is learning how to deal with employees. In Ontario, most workers are protected by law – mainly the Employment Standards Act, or ESA for short. The ESA sets out the bare minimum for workers’ rights in the Province, including minimum wage, … Read more »