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  • Family Caregiver Leave in OntarioJuly 10, 2018

    How much time off is an employee entitled to in order to look after a sick family member? With the expansion of Personal Emergency Leave to all employees in Ontario, regardless of the size of the employer, the answer that might immediately come to mind is ten, the first two of which must be paid. Ho … Read more »

  • Holidays on SundayJuly 3, 2018

    When is “Canada Day”? How about “New Year’s Day” or “Christmas”? Like all good legal questions, the answer, it would appear, is “it depends.” Pursuant to subsection 1(1) of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 the following days are designated as “public holidays”, to which certain rights and obligati … Read more »

  • Under Arrest and Suddenly Unemployed: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Employment LawJune 24, 2018

    Can you be fired from your job simply for being arrested? That is to say, can your company fire you before the court determines whether or not you are actually guilty? As is more fully explained on my page What is Wrongful Dismissal, the answer to that question is “yes” for those workers who are: wo … Read more »

  • Agreement to Provide Greater of Set Amount and ESA Minimums Legally Binding: ONCAJune 23, 2018

    You know what’s fun? Trying to make sense of whether the court is going to give effect to a contractual termination clause. And, in the case of Amberber v. IBM Canada Ltd., 2018 ONCA 571, the Court of Appeal for Ontario was once again asked to do just that. As set out by Justice Douglas K. Gray, sit … Read more »

  • Employers’ Vicarious Liability for Sexual AssaultJune 15, 2018

    “Is a taxi company liable for a sexual assault allegedly committed by one of its drivers, absent any fault on its part?” That was the question that the Court of Appeal for Ontario answered in the case of Ivic v. Lakovic, 2017 ONCA 446. The court’s answer, which affirmed an answer from the Ontario Su … Read more »