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  • The British Columbia Speculation TaxJuly 16, 2018

    It’s no secret that Vancouver is one of Canada’s hottest real estate markets, and that other large urban centres in British Columbia have enjoyed similar popularity in investment patterns. A limited supply of housing, however, has caused issues with accessibility…. The post The British Columbia Sp … Read more »

  • Unreported Income and the CRAJuly 6, 2018

    Unreported Income and the CRA Canada’s tax system is built on the premise that those filing their taxes are being honest with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You are expected to report the proper amount of income, and expenses. Of… The post Unreported Income and the CRA appeared first on Rosen Ki … Read more »

  • The Disability Tax CreditJune 28, 2018

    The Disability Tax Credit The disability tax credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps Canadians with disabilities pay for their out of pocket expenses. The credit is intended to provide greater tax equity by allowing relief for disability… The post The Disability Tax Credit appeared … Read more »

  • GST/HST New Home Housing RebateJune 18, 2018

    GST/HST New Home Housing Rebate When you buy a new property in Canada, you must pay GST or HST on the purchase. However, purchasers can receive a rebate of some of the GST/HST paid, subject to certain conditions. In simple… The post GST/HST New Home Housing Rebate appeared first on Rosen Kirshen P … Read more »

  • Exporting Vehicles – GST/HST and Input Tax CreditsJune 6, 2018

    Exporting Vehicles – GST/HST and Input Tax Credits The sale and export of vehicles from Canada should theoretically yield GST/HST refunds. These are known as Input Tax Credits (ITCs). The reason for this is because you would have paid GST/HST… The post Exporting Vehicles – GST/HST and Input Tax Cr … Read more »