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  • J’ai trouvé mon île

    I love this photo essay by our friend and PEI summer neighbour Louise Savoie about our summer lives.  These shots were taken at my cousin Paige’s summer place – I’ve written here about those days before. (yes, the hat is a tell – I am in there in a couple of places.) … Read more »

  • My best meals of 2012

    2012 changed the way I think about food. Good fortune happened. Life happened, I suppose – but now, looking back, it all feels like serendipity. Our lives changed in ways both large and small. We met too many new friends to count, and old friends wove their lives even more deeply into our own. Our f … Read more »

  • Dinner at Farmhouse Tavern, The Junction, Toronto

    Whenever I go to Farmhouse Tavern (original post here) I leave feeling that I need to run naked across a moor and howl at a full moon. Everything about this place leaves me feeling primal, and deeply satisfied. I’m always dazzled by the vibe, the food and the service. Darcy MacDonell has done a supe … Read more »

  • Sunday Dinner at Paige’s

    One of my favourite experiences during our summers here on PEI are the Sunday Dinners hosted by my remarkable cousin Paige. They are marvelous, epic, and a wonderful opportunity to connect with family and friends. Video of the entry, and a photo gallery, below. … Read more »

  • Sending Michael O’Connor Clarke a bouquet of fish

    While our friend Michael O’Connor Clarke is in hospital we thought it would be fun to send him video best wishes – in recognition of the amazing videos he wrangled for us in hohoto. Create your own, and tag it #mocc on twitter so we can find it. Make sure to cc @michaelocc and his brother @eamonncla … Read more »

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