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  • It's TIME: Reflections on December 6th, 28 Years LaterDecember 6, 2017

    This morning, Time Magazine named ‘The Silence Breakers’ as 2017’s ‘Person of the Year’ for sparking ‘the social movement to highlight sexual harassment and assault’.Preparing to write this today, I looked back at what I’d written in previous years, and was struck by the similarities between this ye … Read more »

  • Ontario Privacy in Public Spaces Decision: The Need to Recognize Privacy as a Dignity Baseline, Not an Injury-Based ClaimNovember 28, 2017

    An Ottawa woman has successfully argued for a privacy right in public spaces.  After video of her jogging along the parkway was included in a commercial, she sued for breach of privacy and appropriation of personality. “The filming of Mme. Vanderveen’s likeness was a deliberate and significant invas … Read more »

  • Reputation & Precarity in the On-Demand EconomyJune 6, 2017

     A recent Globe & Mail survey of millennials showed an increased precarity in their employment experiences and potential for future employment development:Almost one-quarter of the generation of young adults born between 1981 and 2000 are working temporary or contract jobs, nearly double the rate fo … Read more »

  • Get out your pitchforks!February 15, 2017

    Two fascinating and complementary stories hit the news this week. The Breitbart/Shopify business relationship has come under fire on one hand, while at the same time there has been an outcry over PayPal’s refusal to process a payment that appeared to be related to “Syria”.Here’s the thing– in a demo … Read more »

  • Removing Unlawful Content Isn’t a Right to be Forgotten – It’s JusticeFebruary 13, 2017

    A federal court decision released 30 January 2017 has (re)ignited discussion of the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) in Canada. The case revolved around the behaviour of (the URL does not appear to be currently available, but it is noteworthy that their Facebook page is still online), a w … Read more »