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"Join Taayo Simmonds as he interviews guests and discusses subjects which explore lawyers blazing their own paths. If you seek a custom-made legal career this podcast is for you. "

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  • Peter Mackay – S1:E10 (Season Finale)

    Peter Mackay reflects on the federal election, his previous career as a Crown Prosecutor, and updates us on his current role as a partner at Baker MacKenzie. Read more »

  • Vivene Salmon – S1:E9

    This week, Vivene Salmon, the President of the Canadian Bar Association stops by to talk about race, wellness, and her new podcast. Read more »

  • Michael Spratt – S1:E8

    Michael Spratt reflects on the Justin Trudeau blackface photos, debates mandatory minimum penalties, comments on Ottawa’s troubled LRT system, and talks about his award-winning podcast, The Docket. Read more »

  • Jon Hughes – S1:E7

    Jonathan Hughes, a partner at Planetta Hughes in Halifax, talks rugby, starting a criminal law firm, and gives his insights on finding an associate position. Read more »

  • Warren WhiteKnight – S1:E6

    Bergeron Clifford’s newest partner and Queen’s University Law Professor, Warren Whiteknight talks about his time participating in Mundiavocat – the World Cup for Lawyers, his role as President of the Frontenac Law Association, and the unique advice he gives students on the first day of class. Read more »