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  • Spousal Support and Retirement

    With the rising cost of living in Metro Vancouver, planning for retirement has never been more difficult. Even for those who own their own home, costs associated with ownership have increased at a frightening pace for those planning on living on a fixed income. However, even the most well-prepared r … Read more »

  • Spousal Support After Re-Partnering

    The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are a very useful tool that provides suggested ranges of support based on variables that include children, length of relationship, and income. However, the Guidelines are surprisingly silent on a common feature of post-separation families: the re-partnering of … Read more »

  • Uncertainty Surrounding Unequal Division of Family Property

    Property belonging to an individual before a relationship that continues to exist at the time of separation, is generally excluded property. However, there is recent uncertainty under the Family Law Act where the excluded property of one person has been gratuitously transferred to a spouse during th … Read more »

  • Limited Scope Retainers “Unbundling”

    Limited Scope Retainers or “unbundling” refers to a client hiring a lawyer for a specific limited purpose rather than retaining a lawyer generally to handle their whole family law case. Limited Scope Retainers offer clients much more control of the costs of a legal matter as compared to a full retai … Read more »

  • Documents for child support and special expenses

    Documents That Might Be Necessary in a Family Law Case Involving Child Support and Special and Extraordinary Expenses (Summary Including Documents for Each Separate Category) Written by Lori Gerbig We at First Law have found that many clients don’t really have a good idea of what to expect from thei … Read more »