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  • #35: The Battle to Pass Canada’s New Shark Fin Import Ban

    June 24, 2019 It was a big month—three animal protection bills passed through Parliament! It’s now illegal to keep whales and dolphins in captivity, import shark fins, sexually abuse animals, and engage in animal fighting. Peter & Camille update listeners on this exciting legislative news, including … Read more »

  • #34: Another Defeat in Court for Lucy the Elephant

    June 07, 2019   In this episode, Peter & Camille discuss a major new case from the Alberta Court of Appeal that rejected an attempt to help Lucy, a lonely elephant confined in the Edmonton Zoo. The hosts break down and critique the majority decision, praise the strong dissent, and explain what it me … Read more »

  • #33: Zoo Charges, Ethical Vegan Lawsuit, Pet Custody Battle, & Other Major Headlines

    May 24, 2019   In Episode 33 of Paw & Order, Camille and Peter tackle the many animal law stories recently in the news, starting with an update on federal legislation to outlaw whale and dolphin captivity, ban shark fin imports, and tackle bestiality and animal fighting. Next, the hosts explain grou … Read more »

  • #32: Criminalizing Compassion – #MeatTheVictims & #PigTrial2

    May 10, 2019   Peter & Camille are in person for this episode in Yellowknife, NWT, where they spoke about podcasting at a legal education event hosted by the Canadian Bar Association. As always, there’s lots of news to discuss, including a new lawsuit to hold Walmart and other retailers to account f … Read more »

  • #31: Getting Justice When Your Pet Dies at the Vet

    April 26, 2019   In this episode, Peter fills Camille in on the incredible animals he saw while on safari during a recent trip to Zambia, and his nomination as one of Canada’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. (Don’t forget to vote for him!) Then, the hosts catch up on dis … Read more »

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