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  • Setting Aside a Domestic Contract

    By Farah Sidi, Lawyer, Galbraith Family Law Just a case of buyer’s remorse…or, something more? Challenging domestic contracts in Ontario are becoming commonplace Court proceedings dealing with setting aside a domestic contract, or a part thereof, are very common today. In fact in recent years, a sig … Read more »

  • Families Have Changed: New Legislation is Finally Catching Up

    By Farah Sidi, Lawyer, Galbraith Family Law Although legislation may seem quite uninteresting to many, it does have a very significant impact on families separating in Canada and the outcomes of family law matters. Legislation reflects how the family structure is viewed in society and when laws are … Read more »

  • If I get married is my will still valid?

    When you marry, any existing Will is automatically revoked. In the situation of this, the rule of law takes charge in deciding how your assets are divided, until the parties involved in the marriage contract renew their Wills to effect their new status. Mostly, this would mean your entire estate wou … Read more »

  • Should You Send Your Child to School or Do Homeschooling: A Legal Perspective

    By: Brian Galbraith A hot issue debated by parents is whether to send their children to school or have them do home-schooling. Once the school year has begun, you may be wondering if you made the right decision. If you are separated or divorced, it may be an even more difficult issue to resolve. You … Read more »

  • More Zoom, please!

    PDF format,, Zoom, email, screen-sharing, host, co-host, muted, video feed.  These words are now part of the parlance of the new and improved court system…at least in some Ontario jurisdictions.  However, in other Ontario jurisdictions, Jurassic park is still alive and well and unfortunatel … Read more »