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  • Show Me Stock Options!

    By: David Kim, Crescendo Law | March 4, 2020 “Show me the money!” – a refrain often made by professional athletes and employees alike. Despite this demand, a start-up or scale-up company may not be in a position to show new employees all the money they desire to see due to the company’s cash constra … Read more »

  • Demystifying Preferred Shares

    By: David Kim, Crescendo Law | September 30, 2019 “How do preferred shares differ from common shares? Where do preferred shares fall in the capital structure? What rights do preferred shareholders have? What terms and conditions attach to preferred shares?” These are questions I am often asked by fo … Read more »

  • Shareholders Agreement: What Is It and Do We Need One?

    By: David Kim, Crescendo Law | April 22, 2019 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” So begins the famous historical novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. Although Dickens was referring to the mood, spirit and events of the years leading up to the French Revolution with t … Read more »

  • Limited Partnerships: Structuring an Investment Fund

    By: David Kim, Crescendo Law | March 26, 2019 A limited partnership is the preferred structure for the formation of real estate investment funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds. This article will show why this is the case by exploring some key attributes of limited partnerships.[1] 1 … Read more »

  • Business Contracts: What is an Indemnification Clause?

    By: David Kim, Crescendo Law | February 4, 2019 If you’ve ever entered into a business contract, you have likely seen a provision which says that you agree to “indemnify” the other party for losses and damages. You may have even signed the contract without giving this provision a second thought. If … Read more »