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  • Peter MacKay: It’s a human pacifier to try and understand the other side

    With a long and accomplished career in politics, including acting as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Peter MacKay is one of Canada’s most widely recognized lawyers. During his tenure in Ottawa, Peter was instrumental in developing and shaping the criminal justice system in Ca … Read more »

  • Emilie Taman and Micheal Spratt: take care of your work and family and the rest takes care of itself.

    Emilie Taman and Micheal Spratt are a powerhouse couple in Canadian law. In addition to their remarkable accomplishments in Court, Micheal and Emilie’s influence is far reaching with their ground breaking and award winning podcast, The Docket. In 2018, Emilie was named one of Canada’s Top 25 most in … Read more »

  • Carissima Mathen: a means to hold them accountable

    Carissima Mathen grew up wanting to dance on Broadway, but today, she serves as the Vice-Dean (Academic) and Full Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa Law School. Prior to her distinguished career in academics, Carissima acted as Counsel and later as Director of Litigation for the Women’s Le … Read more »

  • Donald Bayne: the threat against the rule of law.

    In the course of practicing for over 40 years, Donald Bayne has entrenched himself as one of the best criminal defence lawyers Canada has ever known. Despite this, his humility, compassion for human suffering, and pursuit of justice is as vibrant as it was when he first became a lawyer. Don’s remark … Read more »

  • Lisa Kerr: Deserving recipients of forgiveness

    This week, our podcast brings you Professor Lisa Kerr, from Queen’s University Faculty of Law in Kingston. Lisa’s expertise takes us into the concrete corridors and confines of prison law, and the law of sentencing in Canada. Her experience with Prisoners’ Legal Services and extensive pro bono work … Read more »

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