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  • Annamaria Enenajor: make demands upon your profession.May 21, 2018

    .element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-1{display:inline-block} Annamaria Enenajor is a legal phenom and inspiration among her peers. She holds her BA from then University of Toronto, her Masters of Science from Oxford, and her civil and common law degrees from McGill University where she graduated … Read more »

  • Paul Schabas: In the public’s interest.May 10, 2018

    .element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-2{display:inline-block} Paul Schabas was elected Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario in 2016. Now sitting in his final months as the elected head of Ontario’s governing body of lawyers, Paul reflects on his past two years in this role, as well as what the … Read more »

  • Anita Szigeti: I am this person’s lawyer.April 25, 2018

    .element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-3{display:inline-block} Anita Szigeti is one of Canada’s leading mental heath lawyers.   Her expertise spans all aspects of mental health and its interactions with the Canadian justice system. Her passion for her clients and the law is inspiring. Despite her … Read more »

  • Tom Cromwell: reflections on the Supreme Court of Canada, advocacy, and the future of law.April 15, 2018

    .element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-4{display:inline-block} This episode’s Of Counsel podcast, is particularly special as we host a former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada: The Honourable Justice Tom Cromwell. After an illustrious career in practice, then sitting as a judge on the Nova Scot … Read more »

  • Jacqueline Horvat: making room for women at the table as leaders.April 5, 2018

    .element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-5{display:inline-block} Jacqueline Horvat is a founding partner of Spark LLP in Toronto, and the youngest person ever elected bencher to the Law Society of Ontario. After leaving on of Canada’s best litigation firms, she now advances her practice with a uniqu … Read more »