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  • Camille Labchuk: Social change comes before legal change.September 10, 2018

    In this episode of Of Counsel, we are joined by Canada’s leading animal rights and welfare lawyer, Camille Labchuk. For over well over a decade, Camille has dedicated her life to animal justice and advocacy. Through her efforts, she has exposed animal cruelty in farming, documented commercial seal k … Read more »

  • Brian Greenspan: Allegations are not enough.August 31, 2018

    In this episode of Of Counsel, we are joined by legendary criminal defence lawyer, Brian Greenspan. Over the past 45 years, Brian has defined himself as one of Canada’s best.  Repeatedly ranked as among the country’s most influential lawyers and  he has represented celebrities, sports stars, and ent … Read more »

  • Rocco Galati: The Rule of Law is all we haveAugust 21, 2018

    For our listeners who have patiently awaited the next episode of our podcast, you won’t be disappointed. We are joined by one of Canada’s most influential lawyers, Rocco Galati. Rocco has held the Canadian government to account time and time again for excess of power and neglect of duty. Perhaps bes … Read more »

  • Melissa Kluger: Listen to your entrepreneur voice, and take the risk.July 18, 2018

    In this Of Counsel episode, we interview the editor and creator of Precedent Magazine, Melissa Kluger. As a lawyer who embraced her inner voice to do what she always wanted, Melissa tells us her story of becoming an entrepreneur. In a time when established and well-funded publications are struggling … Read more »

  • Michael J. Bryant: The Circumstance of EqualsJuly 10, 2018

    This episode’s guest is former Attorney General of Ontario, Micheal Bryant. Michael’s personal story in law is one that spans the entire spectrum of the justice system. After clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada with former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, and obtaining an LL.M. as a Fulbright sc … Read more »