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  • Steven Skurka “May I continue Your Honour?”

    Steven Skurka is one of Canada’s most well known criminal defence lawyers. In this episode, he discusses the importance of preparation, courage, and willingness to think differently when advocating. In addition to invaluable tips of advocacy, Steven reminisces on the time he spent on various high pr … Read more »

  • Jonathan Kay: Connect your ideas to how people experience life.

    While few people think of Jonathan Kay as a lawyer, after completing an engineering degree at McGill University, Jon scored perfect on his LSAT score and was admitted to Yale Law School. His legal education placed him on Wall St. and a member of the New York bar. With the momentum of his impressive … Read more »

  • Paul Le Vay: “Le bon avocat aide son client. L’excellent avocat aide le juge.”

    Ep.#40: Paul Le Vay “Le bon avocat aide son client. L’excellent avocat aide le juge.” Stockwoods LLP partner Paul Le Vay is one of Canada’s top litigators. His areas of practice include commercial, securities, class actions, professional liability, and professional regulation. He is also one of the … Read more »

  • Douglas Judson & Heather Donkers: We need to have a conversation about disrupting norms

    Leaders of the bar are not always perched in high positions on Bay Street or litigating a case at the Supreme Court of Canada. Sometimes leaders of the professions are found in law school, or as junior councillors in small town Ontario. For these leaders and influencers like Douglas Judson and Heath … Read more »

  • Atrisha Lewis: Shattering glass ceilings.

    There are few in Canadian legal history who have reached the success, respect, and accomplishments in such a short period of time as Atrisha Lewis. Within 5 years of her call date in 2013, Atrisha is now among the top litigators in the country. In 2018, Atrisha was awarded the prestigious Precedent … Read more »