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  • A Warrant for All Seasons: Four New Charter Section 8 CasesDecember 15, 2017

    And on the fourth day of Christmas, federally-appointed judges gave to us…four new Charter s.8 cases.  There are two Federal Court cases involving CSIS intercept of IMSI information and seeking access to subscriber data. And two Supreme Court cases involving text messages received by the recipient a … Read more »

  • Updated: A listener's guide to C-59December 7, 2017

    The Parliamentary process on bill C-59, the largest overhaul of Canadian national security law since 1984, is well underway.  You can find the proceedings in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Security and Public Safety here. Lots of people have written primers. Kent Roach … Read more »

  • Statement to House of Commons SECU on C-59December 5, 2017

    Statement SECU Hearings on C-59 Craig Forcese 5 December 2017 I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the committee for inviting me to appear on bill C-59. It is always an honour to be asked to share my observations before this committee. My colleague Kent Roach is appearing before you next week. He a … Read more »

  • Bill C-59 Flowcharts: CSIS dataset approval processesDecember 5, 2017

    Again, for my own use, to make sure I understand how the system will work, I have prepared a “decision-tree” on the proposed CSIS acquisition and retention of “datasets” — that is, electronic archives of information that is not itself strictly necessary for a threat investigation under s.12. Again, … Read more »

  • Bill C-59 Flowcharts: CSE mandates approval processesDecember 4, 2017

    Ottawa is apparently full of flowcharts outlining the bill C-59 powers to various security services. In preparation for my own appearance at SECU, I had time to draw up a diagram on CSE’s new powers. I prepared this for personal use late into a Sunday evening, so I cannot promise it is perfect. But … Read more »