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  • A One-Word Fix: Bill C-59, the Constitution & Communications Security Establishment ActivitiesOctober 2, 2017

    As the parliamentary season starts, I have begun working up more detailed thinking on bill C-59, the government’s massive national security law overhaul. A lot of this bill is about heading off constitutional and other legal train-wrecks. But it also includes measured moves into new areas, with atte … Read more »

  • Rethinking Intelligence Sharing and TortureSeptember 26, 2017

    The government released yesterday revamped ministerial directions on intelligence sharing that may implicate mistreatment. The new directions reach CSIS, CBSA and RCMP (the agencies under the Public Safety Portfolio). We should hope for and expect the roll-out of equivalents for other departments an … Read more »

  • Government Proposals for Reforming National Security Criminal and Civil TrialsSeptember 11, 2017

    In August, the government circulated a targetted consultation document propoing a series of changes to the way in which national security secrets are kept in criminal and civil proceedings. This is very inside-baseball stuff, but essentially the government is responding to long-standing concerns abo … Read more »

  • A Once & Final Parsing of the Legal Context for the Khadr SettlementJuly 11, 2017

    I have a few moments this morning for a “once more unto the breach” post on the Khadr settlement.  Please read my prior one, because I will try to make a few other points in this one, given how the discussion has evolved.  (This will be my last foray, hopefully for a long time, as I need to finish w … Read more »

  • Twelve Points about the Khadr SagaJuly 7, 2017

    I have been buried in a book project, and trying to stay away from 2017. But against my better judgment, I thought I’d take a moment to distill a few thoughts on the Omar Khadr damages settlement. As most people likely know, Omar Khadr — the boy who was captured in a firefight in Afghanistan and gr … Read more »