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  • Retiring this URL

    Now that A Blog Called INTREPID has launched, I will be retiring this URL. My 12 years + of blog posts will be consolidated on a new personal website. And this URL will be retired. This may result in some broken links, but technology has passed this platform by, and it is time to make the switch. … Read more »

  • Launching "A Blog Called INTREPID"

    This “national security law” blog site is now 12 years old. It has mostly served its purpose as a vessel for personal analysis and dicussion of national security law, tied to my 2007 and 2015 books. That 2007 book — National Security Law — is now almost written in second edition, co-authored with … Read more »

  • Another Rule of Law Test in the Meng Extradition Matter

    By Craig Forcese and Leah West   The Meng extradition proceeding will clearly test one area of Canadian law: extradition law. (See here). It will also now probe another: constitutional rights at the border. Ms Meng’s lawyers filed a civil action suing officials (and especially the CBSA) for detainin … Read more »

  • Meng Extradition: What to Watch For

    Today is reportedly the deadline for the Minister of Justice to issue an “authority to proceed” in the extradition committal hearing in the Meng (Huawei) case. Because there has been much attention lately to the functions of Minister of Justice (MoJ) and AG and much confusion, I have sat down and co … Read more »

  • Transition Time 2019

    Two thousand and nineteen will, of course, produce a new Parliament — Canada’s 43rd. It will, therefore, be the season of transition preparation in the public service — and a good time for taking stock (and for filing access to information requests for all those informative ministerial briefing bo … Read more »