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  • Bell Let’s Talk – My Mental Health Story

    I was reminded about Bell Let’s Talk day and asked if I had a blog I could share. I admitted that I didn’t, mostly because I find it difficult to be honest with myself about my mental health, never mind be public about it. Those close to me know that I’ve struggled with depression for a very long ti … Read more »

  • Proud to Sponsor the 7th Annual Vancouver Military Dinner with Proceeds Going to Soldier On.

    Murphy Battista LLP is proud to be a sponsor of the 7th annual Vancouver Military Dinner being held on April 18, 2020, at the Vancouver Club. Every year this black-tie event showcases and supports a different charity that does excellent work for veterans and serving Canadian Armed Forces personnel. … Read more »

  • Holiday Parties: Liability and Your Responsibilities as a Host and a Partygoer

    T’is the season of the holiday party. The time of year when there is lots of cheer (and beer). However, as fun as holiday parties can be, they can also lead to a legal nightmare. With the recent legalization of cannabis, hosts won’t only be concerned about the liability risks of those drinking and p … Read more »

  • Teen Safety and Halloween

    For a teenager, the attraction of attending Halloween parties far outweighs staying home watching a scary movie or two. As a responsible, caring parent, it’s vital to have an open conversation with your teenager about managing expectations and their safety without the drama. Below are some steps to … Read more »

  • Spinal Cord Injury BC Airport Experience Tour – Let’s Fly

    At the beginning of the summer, I was lucky enough to have joined the Spinal Cord Injury BC Airport Experience Tour and felt inspired to write up a blog including some of the things I learned! When travelling with any kind of disability, it’s important to be prepared. With that in mind, here are six … Read more »