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  • Trump's Alternate Reality.

    Trump spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway put it first by suggesting that what President Trump puts forward instead of the obvious truths are “alternative facts”. NBC’s Chuck Todd quickly corrected her noting that alternative facts are “lies”.The falsehoods or lies of the President continue almost every … Read more »

  • Hurricanes and Climate Change

    Hurricane Harvey was called the third 500 year storm in the past 30 years before they called it a once in a 1000 year event. After  damage in Texas causing unprecedented damage with the worst flooding in the United States ever, in the Houston area, and substantial damage across the US south the next … Read more »

  • O Brave New World, The Tempest: President Donald Trump

    President Trump will not follow any rules.The voters wanted change more than anything.  More than qualification, temperament, ideology, honesty and morality they wanted CHANGE.  Donald did everything he could to alienate everyone but white men, and somehow there were enough white men and even others … Read more »

  • Donald Trump Has Already Lost the Election. Maybe He Did Not Want to Win.

       Donald J. Trump could have become the next President of the United States, but this will not happen. At the Republican Convention he chose a traditional conservative Republican, Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, which was a sensible popular move.  Since then, despite Pence’s effort … Read more »

  • Donald Trump is Not Going Away

    In an earlier blog entry on July 23,2015 I made the point that Donald Trump needs to be taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate.  The attacks on him have only helped him expand his support and he now has a strong and commanding lead for the Republican Nomination.  Mr. Trump has fired back effect … Read more »