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  • Closing Canada's Access to Justice Gap with More Efficient Legal ResearchJune 19, 2017

    Many Canadians don’t have access to a legal representative. This is because a growing number don’t qualify for legal aid, but also can’t afford lawyer. The real cost of hiring a lawyer is increasing while legal aid funding is staying relatively static.Inefficient practices worsen this problem. Futil … Read more »

  • Empowering SRLs: How Miralaw is Combating Canada’s Family Law CrisisMay 30, 2017

    Arming clients with meaningful, specific, and plain language legal information is integral to solving Canada’s family law crisis.[1] This is because the system’s long wait times, court overflow, and high costs are partly due to the prevalence of ill-equipped self-represented litigants (“SRLs”).SRLs … Read more »

  • Optimizing Legal Aid Triage with Applied AIMay 19, 2017

    The Canadian family law system is in crisis.Unprecedented delays and high legal fees leave many unable to access the information and assistance they need. At underfunded legal aid offices that consistently work at capacity these problems are exacerbated.Because the lack of funding Legal Aid receives … Read more »

  • Semantic averaging of documents using Word2Vec representationsMay 12, 2017

    1. IntroductionIn many research works, it has been shown that word2vec models (also referred as W2V or word embeddings) provide a very effective semantic representation of words. These representations convey meanings of words in relation to the context where these words are most likely to appear.  H … Read more »

  • Choosing a python-based infrastructure stack for data scienceMarch 21, 2017

    1. Introduction1.1 GoalsOur objectives were to:Identify an appropriate python development environment for data scienceSelect the right package manager for data science in pythonChoose the right parallel computing library to scale our data science workSet up a cloud infrastructure to deal with big da … Read more »