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  • Condo Declarations Are Not Carved In Stone

    One of our first posts of the year was on the requirements for making, amending, or repealing by-laws. In response to that post we were asked about the requirements for making, amending, or repealing rules. This lead to our third … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Can Condo Boards Pass Rules Without a Vote of Owners?

    Last week we described the process for creating new condo by-laws. One of our astute readers asked: Is the process for passing rules the same as passing by-laws? Today, we tackle that question. Before we dive into the process for … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Condo By-laws: What’s the Deal with Voting?

    With many condominiums passing by-laws to allow for virtual meetings and electronic voting, one of the most frequently asked questions right now is: how many owners need to approve the by-law? This became a common question after the Condominium Act, … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Wonderful Surprise to End 2020!

    We received some exciting news in the morning on December 31, 2020. Our firm won a Canadian Law Blog Award (Clawbies) in the category of Best Blogs and Commentary. Here is an excerpt: You can find the entire list of … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • The Curse of Covid: Recap of the Top 2020 Stories

    You might have noticed that Annie Bailey’s post (10 Condo Law Highlights of 2020) had a notable omission: COVID-19. Given the overwhelming number of legal changes, reported cases, and news about COVID-19 in condominiums, we decided to dedicate an entire … Continue reading → … Read more »