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  • Condominium Amalgamation – A Few Considerations Regarding the Approval Process

    Recently our office has been working on condominium amalgamations as well as proposals for amalgamations for various clients in southwestern Ontario. We have previously blogged about the considerations for amalgamation [] and the … Read more »

  • Kitec Claims: Deadline to Submit is Almost Here

    We previously highlighted the fast approaching Kitec claim deadline this past spring. Here is a final friendly reminder for condominiums in Ontario that the deadline to submit a claim form to be eligible to be included in the Kitec Settlement is … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Top Condo Lessons of 2019

    Photo by john paul tyrone fernandez on As 2020 approaches I find myself reflecting on the most important news, cases, and events from this past year. There were several notable decisions released this year and a few that I’m … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Is Phase Two of the Amendments on Its Way?

    Unless you are new to condo living, you likely know that the Condominium Act, 1998 was amended in 2017. At the time, many believed that the rest of the amendments would be phased in over the following 18 to 24 … Continue reading → … Read more »

  • Grandparenting Not Required for Rule to Be Reasonable

    A recent application (Wellington Condominium Corporation No. 31 v. Silberberg) before the Superior Court considered whether a condominium corporation’s newly enacted rule prohibiting smoking within the common elements of the condominium plan was unreasonable. The Facts The facts of the … Continue re … Read more »