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  • October 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

    News: Most of the month of October was dominated by news of the federal election. And while criminal justice issues did not feature prominently in the parties’ platforms, the election allowed for some reflection on the Liberals’ performance on the justice portfolio over the last four years. Now, wit … Read more »

  • September 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

    This September, 90 days after it received Royal Assent, a number of the amendments contained in Bill C-75 come into force. These new provisions will change procedures in the Criminal Code, ranging from preliminary inquiries, juries, intimate partner violence and the re-classification of offences. Yo … Read more »

  • Coming into Force: Changes in Criminal Law from Bill C-75

    It has now been 90 days since Bill C-75 received Royal Assent, and many sections of the bill come into force today. The massive bill has far-reaching consequences for the procedures in the criminal justice system. Here are some of the changes that take effect as of September 19, 2019: Preliminary in … Read more »

  • July/August Criminal Law Round-up

    Well, the end of summer is upon us. As kids go back to school and holidays come to a close, it’s time to dive into some notable cases from the past two months: In R v. Dudhi, the Ontario Court of Appeal dealt with the issue of racial profiling in the context of a Charter challenge of a drug search. … Read more »

  • May/June 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

    After a brief hiatus in May, we’re back with a double edition of your latest round-up. There is lots to catch up on in the world of criminal law, so read on:  News: In June, Legal Aid Ontario announced that it would be cutting various aspects of criminal certificates, including bail hearings, mental … Read more »