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  • 2020 Criminal Law Round-up

      Well, we’ve reached the end of 2020. Finally. If you’re like me, you spent more time reading practice directives than new case law, so now is your time to catch up on the new cases of the year that was! This year’s round-up includes a mix of COVID-related cases, along with sentencing, bail, search … Read more »

  • Let’s Talk about Phones in Ontario’s Jails

    Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, an annual campaign to raise awareness and funds for mental health services in Canada. If you follow any criminal lawyers on social media, you’ll see that there is a lot of skepticism for the campaign, given Bell’s involvement with the phone contract with provincial jail … Read more »

  • The Ultimate Round-up: The top Supreme Court Cases from 2010-2019

    As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the last decade and the changing landscape of criminal law in Canada. The Supreme Court has released decisions on a wide range of topics, but here are some of my picks (with some help from Twitter law nerds, of course), of the most important Supreme … Read more »

  • Tech and Privacy: Protecting Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure

    In 2017, I spoke at a conference put on by SERENE-RISC, an organization that works on issues of cybersecurity and aims to protect people from cyber threats. There, I cleverly tricked all of the participants to learning about the Charter by giving an overview of the law around search and seizure as i … Read more »

  • October 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

    News: Most of the month of October was dominated by news of the federal election. And while criminal justice issues did not feature prominently in the parties’ platforms, the election allowed for some reflection on the Liberals’ performance on the justice portfolio over the last four years. Now, wit … Read more »