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  • The Family Law Portal

    Thomas Dart, Partner, Family Law Many separated couples have a difficult time managing the emotional stress of a relationship breakdown. The financial strain of getting legal advice to learn about how the law impacts their separation significantly increases that stress. Many people have no choice bu … Read more »

  • Ontario Family Law Arbitrations (2018) Edition)

    We are able to provide this paper commenting on various arbitration cases and written by well-respected Toronto lawyer, Brahm Siegel of the firm Nathan Siegel, LLP, with Brahm’s permission for the benefit of family lawyers attending the Simcoe County Family Law … Read more »

  • Offers to Settle

    By David Harris-Lowe  – Partner, Family Law You may hear about lawyers talk to you about legal costs when a court action is started.  This refers to two things – the amount you pay your lawyer for legal representation and also whether one litigant has to pay the other legal costs for the cost of the … Read more »

  • Poster Beware!

    By Lindsay Hayes, Articling student We’ve all seen the posts of an over-sharer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., whether it’s disparaging comments about their ex or ‘not safe for work’ photos from a rough weekend. These dirty laundry posts can not only have damaging  consequences, such as being … Read more »

  • Climate Change and Family Law

    Thomas Dart, Partner, Family Law How people approach climate change and how people approach family conflict are amazingly similar. Here are some of the similarities: … Read more »