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  • Valid vs. Invalid Employment Contracts in Wrongful Dismissal Case

    Employment contracts are hard to navigate and litigate, as this recent case reveals. The court had to consider two separate employment contracts and their validity in order to determine damages in an action for wrongful dismissal. The First Contract John Arviss had been employed as an architect with … Read more »

  • Canada Labour Code Amendments Under Bill C-86

    Employees and employers in federally regulated businesses will be subject to new rights and remedies which took effect on September 1, 2019, under Bill C-86, which is amending aspects of the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”). Other parts of this bill had been implemented previously. Below is an overvi … Read more »

  • Employer Obligations on Workplace Harassment

    Regrettably, harassment is an issue that affects many parties, employees and employers alike. In late 2017, significant amendments were made to the Occupational Health & Safety Act which defines the respective obligations of both parties in the employment relationship. Employers by this legislation … Read more »

  • The Perils of a Fixed-Term Contract

    The rules of contractual interpretation are dynamic. The present law will allow a claim based on the full value of the unexpired contractual term under an employment contract, absent a termination provision. This has not always been the law. As recently as 10 years ago, such a contract would have be … Read more »

  • Unjust Dismissal & the Remedy of Reinstatement

    As discussed in a previous post, employees in federally-regulated industries who are terminated for cause are afforded a unique remedy under the Canada Labour Code, known as unjust dismissal. This allows a non-managerial employee with greater than one year of service to seek a review by an adjudicat … Read more »