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  • Fired? What to Know Before You SignJuly 20, 2018

    At face value, anything under official letterhead seems legal and final.  However, the conditions of your termination may well be negotiable. So, while being fired can be a confusing and stressful time, it is absolutely crucial that you read and consider the information contained in the severance pa … Read more »

  • The Duty to Mitigate: What Happens to Earnings from a Lower Paying Job?July 20, 2018

    Losing your job is one of life’s awfully stressful events. Yet, Canadian courts have long recognized the duty of a dismissed employee to seek new employment to mitigate their losses. The duty to mitigate requires wrongfully dismissed employees to take reasonable steps to minimize the losses they hav … Read more »

  • So You’ve Received a Job OfferJune 29, 2018

    Congratulations!  However, before accepting your job offer, it is important that you carefully read and understand it.  While you may have been offered the job of your dreams, the offer letter for this job is actually an employment contract that may take away your rights. The language in the job off … Read more »

  • Increasing Damages for Sexual Assault in the WorkplaceJune 23, 2018

    On average, damages awarded to an employee for a breach of the Human Rights Code, remain relatively low, typically $10,000 to $15,000. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario recognizes that low-value awards for discrimination and harassment create a license to discriminate. Following that message, it … Read more »

  • Parental Leave and EI: confusion from the 2018 BudgetApril 2, 2018

    We often receive calls about employees’ rights to maternity leave and parental leave.  The law in this area can be complicated and confusing. Recent media reports about the 2018 Federal Budget have not helped clarify the situation. What was Reported Many media outlets reported that the Budget includ … Read more »