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  • How Important Are The Deadlines In Your Severance Package?December 6, 2018

    You are terminated from your job and your employer offers you a severance package. They give you one week to sign the offer and ask that you sign a full and final release confirming that there will be no further payments. Are you obligated to sign and return the offer within a week? We often Continu … Read more »

  • Amendments to Increase Human Rights Protections for OntariansDecember 4, 2018

    Various members of the Ontario legislature are working to give additional human rights protections to Ontarians. Bill 35, the Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2018 is a private member’s bill brought by Liberal MPP, Nathalie Des Rosiers.  Whereas Progressive Conservative MPP, Christina Mita introduce … Read more »

  • Working Notice: When working more than 9 to 5 makes it hard to find a way to make a livingNovember 19, 2018

    Sometimes, rather than receiving a severance package, employees are provided “working notice” that their employment is coming to an end. In other words, your termination date is set to a fixed date in the future and you are expected to work throughout this period. While there is nothing inherently w … Read more »

  • Employee Protections during Police Record ChecksNovember 14, 2018

    Often employers require a new hire to provide a police record checks. Starting November 1, 2018 changes made under the Ontario’s Police Record Checks Reform Act will be in force. Previously, police record checks were not regulated in Ontario. With the new Reform Act in force, the police record check … Read more »

  • Was your Suspension a Constructive Dismissal?October 26, 2018

    Was your Suspension a Constructive Dismissal? Employees today spend as much time at work as they do at home. So, the workplace should be an environment where you feel secure, trusted and safe. Unexpected changes in your job, such as a suspension, can leave you feeling confused, frustrated and unsure … Read more »