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  • What a great country: getting paid by two employers at the same timeMay 25, 2017

    Wrongful dismissal damages are normally subject to mitigation, which means that income from a new job after termination is deducted from the damages a terminated employee can recover from their previous employer. For example, if an employee earning $ 60 000 is entitled to six months notice of termin … Read more »

  • Was I Just Fired? Understanding Your Employer’s Words and ActionsMay 3, 2017

    Normally, an employee knows if he has been fired. The employer sits him down, provides a termination letter and often offers a severance package.  However, on occasion, an employer’s conduct is confusing. We regularly meet with clients who want to understand whether they have been constructively dis … Read more »

  • Do I Have to Accept a Demotion if My Job is Eliminated?April 28, 2017

    When an employee is terminated, the employee is required to minimize lost income by seeking alternative employment. What happens if your former employer offers to give you another job but at a reduced salary? Are you required to accept this demotion? This situation was recently considered by the Ont … Read more »

  • Changes to Parental Leave: What You Need to Know  April 25, 2017

    Background Congratulations, you’re planning a family! If you or your partner is pregnant, or you are thinking about becoming a parent, you are probably wondering what maternity leave, pregnancy leave and parental leave mean and how your employment may be affected. The Federal government has also pro … Read more »

  • Another Termination Clause Bites the DustApril 19, 2017

    You may have signed an offer of employment or an employment contract before you started it work. If so, it could have a termination clause. Many termination clauses attempt to limit how much termination pay an employee will receive. As we have written before, if the termination clause is poorly draf … Read more »