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  • How Do I Contest A BC Will Undue InfluenceJune 17, 2018

    How Do I Contest A BC Will Undue Influence cases are difficult because much of the improper influence by a family member or third party happens in secret. Vancouver BC Undue influence over an elderly and infirm loved one means: inappropriately using a position of trust or power to pressure or persua … Read more »

  • Vancouver Setting Aside Power of Attorney LawyersJune 8, 2018

    Vancouver Setting Aside Power of Attorney Lawyers  handle cases where a family member wishes to set aside a power of attorney on the basis of undue influence. Lorne N. MacLean QC leads our experienced Vancouver Setting Aside Power of Attorney Lawyers team. Watching a loved one decline is hard but wo … Read more »

  • Challenging BC Will Validity LawyersJune 5, 2018

    Today,  our team of experienced Challenging BC Will Validity Lawyers answer the question: How do I challenge the validity of a BC Will? In today’s blog Rana Yavari of our team of Challenging BC Will Validity Lawyers summarizes Everything You Need To Know About BC Will Validity. BC Wills govern how p … Read more »

  • Vancouver No Will Intestacy LawyersMay 31, 2018

    Vancouver No Will Intestacy Lawyers handle intestacy and partial intestacy cases. Vancouver intestate Will cases are one of the most unfortunate situations in Vancouver estate litigation. MacLean Law’s intestate dispute lawyers know losing a beloved family member is a crushing loss. When there is no … Read more »

  • Vancouver Undue Influence Disinheritance LawyersMay 29, 2018

    Our Vancouver Undue Influence Disinheritance Lawyers know undue influence is on the rise across the World and BC is no exception. Our Vancouver Undue Influence Disinheritance Lawyers help protect vulnerable individuals and their family members from financial predators. In today’s, blog Fraser MacLea … Read more »