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  • Vancouver Spouse Unfair Will Variation LawyersNovember 13, 2017

    MacLean Law’s senior Vancouver Spouse Unfair Will Variation Lawyers were very pleased to see a recent BC Will variation case thoroughly analyze and apply the potential entitlement under the BC Family Law Act when deciding what a spouse in a 34 year marriage should get when she was left out of a Will … Read more »

  • Vancouver Unfair Will Variation Contingency Fee LawyersNovember 12, 2017

    The best Vancouver Unfair Will Variation Contingency Fee Lawyers help clients involved in unfair wills disputes correct unfair wills, on a contingency fee basis, so they can obtain their fair estate share. A contingency fee basis agreement between a lawyer and client typically means our BC estate li … Read more »

  • Vancouver WESA Defective Will LawyersSeptember 24, 2017

    Vancouver WESA Defective Will Lawyers at MacLean Law took note of another defective BC Will being FIXED in the new BC Supreme Court decision of Riguidel Estate (Re) 2017 BCSC 1677.  MacLean Law’s Vancouver WESA Defective Will Lawyers operate out of 5 offices across BC located in Vancouver, Surrey, R … Read more »

  • Vancouver Will Dispute LawyerAugust 20, 2017

    A good Vancouver Will Dispute Lawyer helps ensure that a Will maker has the ability to properly instruct a lawyer on how they wish their estate to be divided upon their death. To be able to prepare a valid Will the testator (person making the Will): Must understand they are making a Will and the imp … Read more »

  • BC Predatory Capacity to Marry LawyersAugust 20, 2017

    Lorne N. MacLean,QC heads our team of skilled estate litigation and BC Predatory Capacity to Marry Lawyers. As people live longer and boomers acquire more assets through investments and the skyrocketing real estate values so too does the risk of predatory marriages involving wealthy and potentially … Read more »