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  • Closing Software

    What is a Closing? A closing generally refers to the finalizing of a corporate legal transaction. Closings can take many different forms depending on whether they involve real estate, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance or some other area of law. However, they typically will all involve gett … Read more »

  • What is an Electronic Closing Binder?

    A closing binder, also known as a closing book or record book, is an important product of most legal transactions. After closing a deal, an attorney will compile all related final documents into a closing binder to distribute to the parties involved. Should there ever be a dispute over the terms of … Read more »

  • Why do lawyers need transaction software?

    In recent years, the market for transaction software has exploded in the real estate business. Lawyers, real estate agents and home buyers all got fed up with the mess of paperwork involved in buying a house and decided there must be a better way. As a result, many great transaction software product … Read more »

  • What is Legal Transaction Management Software?

    Legal transactions are complicated. It seems obvious, but some might be surprised that a simple sale of one company to another can take hundreds of documents working together in an intricate web to effect a legally binding transfer of ownership.  Lawyers add a lot of value in this process. They can … Read more »