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  • Bay Street Lawyer turned Entrepreneur, Diversity Consultant and AuthorJuly 25, 2018

    Ritu Bhasin worked at corporate law firms on Bay street for almost ten years before starting bhasin consulting inc., a diversity consulting firm. Bhasin consulting works with organizations to create an inclusive and diverse work environment by recognizing cultural differences and focusing on leaders … Read more »

  • Lawyer Turned Thought-Leader, Public Speaker and EntrepreneurMay 17, 2018

      Debbie Epstein Henry practiced litigation for six years before leaving to focus on consulting, writing and public speaking. Since exiting law, she has also authored two books and is the co-founder and managing director of Bliss Lawyers, a company that lends out lawyers on temporary engagements. We … Read more »

  • Closing SoftwareMay 14, 2018

    What is a Closing? A closing generally refers to the finalizing of a corporate legal transaction. Closings can take many different forms depending on whether they involve real estate, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance or some other area of law. However, they typically will all involve gett … Read more »

  • What is an Electronic Closing Binder?April 26, 2018

    A closing binder, also known as a closing book or record book, is an important product of most legal transactions. After closing a deal, an attorney will compile all related final documents into a closing binder to distribute to the parties involved.  Should there ever be a dispute over the terms of … Read more »

  • Law, Mortgage and Medical MarijuanaApril 18, 2018

      Charlie Bachtell was a practicing lawyer and a business executive at a mortgage bank before starting his own medical cannabis company, Cresco Labs. Cresco Labs is a medical cannabis cultivator, processor, manufacturer and retailer for patients in a growing number of states, including Illinois and … Read more »