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  • Law, Mortgage and Medical MarijuanaApril 18, 2018

    Charlie Bachtell was a practicing lawyer and a business executive at a mortgage bank before starting his own medical cannabis company, Cresco Labs. Cresco Labs is a medical cannabis cultivator, processor, manufacturer and retailer for patients in a growing number of states, including Illinois and Pe … Read more »

  • Why do lawyers need transaction software?April 12, 2018

    In recent years, the market for transaction software has exploded in the real estate business. Lawyers, real estate agents and home buyers all got fed up with the mess of paperwork involved in buying a house and decided there must be a better way. As a result, many great transaction software product … Read more »

  • Leaving Law for Tech Start-UpsMarch 20, 2018

      Russell Lakey practiced law for three years before launching his first tech start-up, Babafoo. He later sold it and moved on to start his current company, QwkPic. QwkPic is a mobile app that allows people to get an iPhone photographer on demand, and get the high-quality photos sent directly to the … Read more »

  • 3 Things To Do Before Quitting Your JobFebruary 15, 2018

    Many people dream about leaving their jobs but are scared of losing financial stability. If you’re one of those people then you have definitely wondered what to do before quitting your job to ensure success. We’ve taken the reoccurring themes and advice from the lawyers we’ve interviewed and compile … Read more »

  • Lawyer Overturns Prohibition Law to Open Craft DistilleryJanuary 29, 2018

      Paul Hletko practiced law on and off for almost 20 years before starting FEW Spirits, a craft distillery producing gin, whiskey and bourbon. Over the years, Paul has left law many times to pursue interests including teaching entertainment law, playing guitar professionally, opening a brew pub, and … Read more »