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  • BenchPress – Vol 42-6July 4, 2018

    Victory for Students in Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta In 2015, the Government of Alberta under Jim Prentice passed Bill 10: An Act to Amend the Alberta Bill of Rights to Protect our Children. This Bill amended The School Act to allow students to create voluntary student organizations, including … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 42-5May 4, 2018

    Free the Beer Case New Brunswick’s Liquor Control Act limits the amount of alcohol that someone can purchase from another Canadian province and bring back to New Brunswick. In October 2012, Gerard Comeau was charged for trying to bring back 354 bottles of beer and three bottles of liquor, which grea … Read more »

  • Viewpoint 42-4: Understanding Parole: Paul Bernardo Eligible for Full Parole in February 2018March 6, 2018

    February 2018 marks 25 years since the arrest of Paul Bernardo for the rapes and murders of two young women in Ontario.  Following one of the longest and most highly publicized criminal trials in Canadian history, he was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and given the automatic and mand … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 42-4March 6, 2018

    SCC Stomping on Sexual Assault Myths Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) dismissed an appeal from the Alberta Court of Appeal (“ABCA”). The ABCA had overturned an Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench trial decision in a case of sexual assault. In this case, a man was acquitted of sexual assault … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 42-3January 5, 2018

    Privacy of Text Messages In a split decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that text messages are protected against unreasonable search or seizure under the Charter.  If a person has a subjective reasonable belief that a text message they send to another person will remain private, then the … Read more »