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  • BenchPress – Vol 43-5

    Discrimination Based on Country of Origin The Federal Court of Canada has struck down as unconstitutional a provision of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). In 2012 the Act was changed to create two categories of refugees, based on their country of origin. So called “safe countries” w … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 43-2

    Important Limit to the Duty to Consult Alberta’s Mikisew Cree First Nation took the federal government to court over its omnibus budget bill of 2012. This bill made significant changes to Canada’s environmental protection regime. The Mikisew were not consulted at any stage of the legislative process … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 43-4

    A series of cases decided in January 2019 highlight the ongoing problems with solitary confinement within Canada’s corrections system. The British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled on a challenge filed by the John Howard Society and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association against the Attorney General of C … Read more »

  • BenchPress – Vol 43-3

    The Supreme Court of Canada has released a number of interesting cases over the last few months. This issue of BenchPress will look at four of them. Two are of national significance, and two reveal the profoundly personal situations that cause Canadians to access the justice system A Deal is a Deal … Read more »

  • Much of the Criticism of Bill C-69 is Demonstrably False

    “So destructive … (it) must die,” claims Licia Corbella (“Corbella: Bill C-69 is Trudeau’s bookend to his father’s disastrous NEP,” Calgary Herald, Sept. 14). A “grave danger to the Trans Mountain pipeline … This beast should be ritually slaughtered,” implores Don Braid (“Braid: Liberals’ own bill c … Read more »

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