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  • ENVIRONMENT | The Crown’s Duty to Consult

    20/20: Looking back over the last 20 years What is the most important environmental law case in Canada since the turn of the century? Twenty years is a long time in Canadian environmental law, given that this area of law has only existed as a ‘thing’ for a little more than twice that length of time. … Read more »

  • 44-3: 20/20

    Volume 44-3  Jan/Feb 2020 Table of Contents Feature Articles: 20/20 Looking Back Special Report: Rural Law Departments Columns The beginning of a new year is a time to reflect on the past. In this issue, we’re looking back at important changes to the law over the last 20 years. We also report on the … Read more »

  • CONSUMER | Canada’s Law on Consumer Product Safety

    20/20: Looking back over the last 20 years In the past 2 months alone, you’ve probably heard about the recent food recall warnings on beef and romaine lettuce. Did you know that we have a law in Canada that deals with product safety and recalls? The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (“CCPSA”) regul … Read more »

  • New at CPLEA (Vol 44-3)

    In this issue of LawNow we are highlighting a few updated resources and two upcoming workshops. Updated Resources The following CPLEA resources have been updated. They are available for download from our website or for order (for free!) from our store. Domestic Violence: Toolkit for Landlords A tool … Read more »

  • CRIMINAL | The Right to be Tried Without Undue Delay

    20/20: Looking back over the last 20 years Photo from Pixabay Since the turn of the century, there are many – too numerous to count – “important cases” in the field of criminal law. Some have dealt with procedure, some with the substantive law, and some with enhancing and protecting the basic rights … Read more »