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  • New at CPLEA (Vol 44-6)

    In this issue of LawNow, we are highlighting new and updated resources for landlords and tenants. New Resources We have prepared the following sample agreements in a fillable PDF format: Living with Your Landlord If you are living with your landlord (as in sharing space with them), this fillable agr … Read more »

  • The Use of the Peace, Order and Good Government Clause in Canada’s Constitution

    Photo from Pexels Recent events in Canada have caused a resurgence of reliance on the Peace, Order and Good Government (POGG) clause in section 91 of The Constitution Act, 1867. When federal and provincial governments seek to pass legislation, they must have authority under section 91 (federal gover … Read more »

  • Working from Home: Income tax issues

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees transitioned to working from home. During the crisis, few were considering the income tax implications. As life returns to whatever the “new normal” is, we can be confident taxes will still exist. So what are the tax implications of a workspace in the hom … Read more »

  • The Rise of the Digital Robber Barons: Is government up to the task at hand?

    Photo from Pexels Given Canada’s history, we can anticipate that any plans for the federal government to use its “super powers” could erode our civil liberties. We must vigilantly protect fundamental rights and look to the courts to affirm, and in some instances extend, the reach of our Charter prot … Read more »

  • BENCHPRESS | Sentencing, Supervising and Schooling

    Systemic Racism in Sentencing R v Kandhai, 2020 ONSC 3580 Mr. Kandhai was charged with and pled guilty to one count of possession of a prohibited firearm with accessible ammunition and one count of a breach of a firearms prohibition order. At the sentencing hearing, the defence asked for 3 years whi … Read more »