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  • Canada’s Carbon Tax Laws: Where are we now?

    Photo from Pexels On June 21, 2018, Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (the Act) came into effect. Part 1 of the Act imposes a surcharge on fuels such as gasoline, fuel oil, propane, kerosene and methanol. Distributors of the fuel pay the surcharge though the cost would likely be passed d … Read more »

  • LAW & LITERATURE | Democracy in Ruins: Flaubert’s Sentimental Education and the fate of radical Democrats

    I recently read Peter Brook’s book Flaubert in the Ruins of Paris: The Story of a Friendship, a Novel and a Terrible Year. The book provides a fascinating account of the composition and the literary and wider political history of Gustave Flaubert’s 1869 novel Sentimental Education. Brook’s book led … Read more »

  • FAMILY | The Legal Status of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

    Photo from Pexels The Divorce Act sets out the factors that a judge considers when ordering one ex-partner to pay spousal support (also knows as “partner support” or “spousal maintenance”) to the other ex-partner. The factors in provincial family law legislation that applies to unmarried couples, su … Read more »

  • Criminal Acts in Children’s Stories

    Many years ago I defended a young man on a charge of “criminal harassment”. This was shortly after the federal government added this crime to our Criminal Code. The offence involves repeatedly following or communicating with another person when you know that the other person does not want to hear fr … Read more »

  • Bear With Me: Law for little ones

    Photo from Pexels Children, even from infancy, learn about rules. They are told not to run with sharp objects, not to touch a hot stove, and that when darkness falls, they will be expected to go to bed. As children grow, they learn about the rules that govern the world around them. They begin to lea … Read more »