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  • New & Updated Resources at CPLEA – Vol. 43-6

    All resources are free and available for download on We hope that this will raise awareness of the many resources that CPLEA produces to further our commitment to public legal education in Alberta. For a listing of all CPLEA resources go to: In this issue of LawNo … Read more »

  • Alternatives to Court: Parenting Coordination

    This is the last column in LawNow’s series on resolving family law disputes out of court. The other columns in this series include Sarah Dargatz’s articles on collaborative negotiation and mediation, and my article on arbitration. In this column, I’m going to talk about parenting coordination. This … Read more »

  • In Canada and elsewhere, freedom of speech is on the endangered list

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. These phrases may conjure up Hollywood-style images of noble activists and principled reporters butting heads with those in power – and winning. However, the reality is often far different: surveillance, gag orders, expensive and oppressive lawsuits, and acti … Read more »

  • VIP Access to Justice: Why state-funded counsel is crucial to our democratic identity

    Access to justice is always a live issue, no matter how developed a country may be. Luckily, in Canada, our justice system rivals some of the best in the world. However, there is still concern for those who represent themselves in the criminal justice system. After all, criminal matters have a uniqu … Read more »

  • Whiten v Pilot Insurance

    Insurance contracts … are sold by the insurance industry and purchased by members of the public for peace of mind. The more devastating the loss, the more the insured may be at the financial mercy of the insurer, and the more difficult it may be to challenge a wrongful refusal to pay the claim. Dete … Read more »