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  • Episode 10: All About Arrest & Detention

    All About Arrest & Detention is . . . all about arrest and detention!! (duh)  Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson chat about what it means to be arrested (no, you don’t need to be handcuffed to be arrested), what it means to be detained, and what the deal is with police carding. In this episode, you … Read more »

  • Episode 9: How to Make a Law in Canada

    Here’s one for activists and everyone who slept through this class in school! How do laws get made in Canada? In this quick *one hitter*,  Mindy Caterina & Garrett Jamieson answer that very question… Click here to find us on iTunes Or search “lawlawland” wherever you get your podcasts . . . The post … Read more »

  • Episode 8: #meQ – Unpacking the Jian Ghomeshi Trial (Part 2 of 2)

    In Part 2 of #meQ, Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson break down the evidence of Lucy DeCoutere and S.D., the remaining two witnesses/complainants in the Jian Ghomeshi trial.  Afterward, we discuss the fallout: how the media and campus movements treated Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein, and Luc … Read more »

  • Episode 7: #meQ – Unpacking the Jian Ghomeshi Trial (Part 1 of 2)

    Remember the Jian Ghomeshi trial?  In late 2014, a number of women came forward with allegations of abuse against the CBC radio host.  The CBC fired Ghomeshi, he was charged with criminal offences, and in 2016, he was tried before the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto. The Jian Ghomeshi trial had … Read more »

  • Episode 6: The Handrail’s Tale

    Imagine being arrested and fined for not holding an escalator handrail — unfortunately for Bela Kosoian, this happened in Canada! The Montréal Municipal Court acquitted Kosoian and found that not holding the handrail was not an offence.  Yet, Kosoian’s attempts to sue for her wrongful arrest have be … Read more »