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  • How to Handle A Visitor Visa Refusal

    You submitted an application for a visitor visa to Canada and the application was denied. In fact, you’ve submitted more than one application and the request for a visitor visa keeps getting rejected. To obtain a visitor visa at this point, you need to know why the application was rejected, and what … Read more »

  • Who Gets My Stuff When I Die Without A Will?

    Understanding Ontario’s Intestacy laws It may seem like finding a lawyer to get your will drafted is that extra tedious task that’s going to cost you money and time, but what is the point of working hard through your life and not be able to choose where your hard earned money goes afterwards? In a p … Read more »

  • October Free Wills Month!

    I want to congratulate all the young-at-heart individuals that participated in the Free Wills Month this past year! Especially those that worked with Always Law –we appreciate you and your business. For those of you who weren’t let in on the secret, the Free Wills Month program is a collaboration of … Read more »

  • What is a Power of Attorney and How is it Different from a Will?

    A Power of Attorney is different from a Will as a document that governs your life, while a Will governs your death. A Power of Attorney is basically an expression of your living intent, and a Will is an expression of your intent after death. This means that a Power of Attorney guides the decision of … Read more »

  • Mobile Speed Cameras are in Full Effect!

    Tend to speed while driving? Pay attention. This will be the first long weekend since the ticketing system for the mobile speeding cameras installed throughout the city will send you speeding tickets, so while rushing to start your holiday, or driving home to get some rest before another hard work w … Read more »