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  • What is a Power of Attorney and How is it Different from a Will?

    A Power of Attorney is different from a Will as a document that governs your life, while a Will governs your death. A Power of Attorney is basically an expression of your living intent, and a Will is an expression of your intent after death. This means that a Power of Attorney guides the decision of … Read more »

  • Mobile Speed Cameras are in Full Effect!

    Tend to speed while driving? Pay attention. This will be the first long weekend since the ticketing system for the mobile speeding cameras installed throughout the city will send you speeding tickets, so while rushing to start your holiday, or driving home to get some rest before another hard work w … Read more »

  • Changes to the Drinking & Driving Laws

    You can be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) if an officer believes you were driving right after (or within 2 hours) of drinking alcohol or ingesting drugs. You can also be charged for refusing to submit to the test! Plus, the penalties have increased and vary according to whether it’s … Read more »

  • Can I Get a Will or Power of Attorney During the Pandemic?

    Yes, you can. You can do so while remaining socially-distanced too. It’s true that in Ontario, Wills and Power of Attorneys require the owner (testator) to sign ‘in the presence of’ two witnesses. This usually means that the testator has to be in the same room as the witnesses. A witness can’t be a … Read more »

  • When Do I Need An HST Number For My Business?

    The purpose of an HST number is to allow you to track the taxes collected on your goods and services; taxes that you may have to pay to the Canadian government. HST means Harmonized Sales Tax. It is the tax that should be collected on all goods and services provided in Ontario, and currently, this e … Read more »