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  • Ryerson law school plan would let students skip articling

    I saw the above headline in the news recently.  I also received a survey from the Law Society of Alberta today aimed at principals of articling students to get some feedback.  This got me to thinking about whether our traditional approach to the training of lawyers needs some serious re-thinking.  I … Read more »

  • Before and during law school at the University of Alberta I read a lot of legal thrillers and watched any legal type movie that I could find.  Some of my favourite movies were Runaway Jury, The Firm, A Civil Action, The Paper Chase and A Few Good Men.  For books, I liked King of Torts, Kafka’s The T … Read more »

  • Famous people who went to law school

    There are many people who go to law school but don’t practice law.  A law degree can train you to think critically and can open up doors that you may never have imagined.Sometimes it is fun to find out who has a law degree but who is not practicing law.Here is a short list of some celebrities who we … Read more »

  • eBook So, You Want to be a Lawyer, Eh? Law School in Canada now available on Kindle

    I just found out that the eBook version of my book, So, You Want to be a Lawyer, Eh? Law School in Canada is now available on Kindle through  Readable on any device.Find the Kindle book here.  Print version is available on here. … Read more »

  • How to be (Sort of) Happy in Law School – Review

    I finished reading How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School by Kathryne M. Young, JD, PhD.  It was a fun and quick read. Here is the review that I left on had to buy this book when I read the title on  It was most intriguing.  As the author of So, You Want to be a Lawyer, Eh? Law … Read more »