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  • Failure to investigate employee’s story leads to finding of wrongful dismissalMarch 20, 2018

    In Tymko v. 4-D Warner Enterprises Ltd., 2018 BCSC 372, the BC Supreme Court ruled on a wrongful dismissal case arising out of a train derailment. The defendant alleged the plaintiff, a switchman, did not properly clear the tracks. The plaintiff claimed he did not receive appropriate training on wha … Read more »

  • Possession of marijuana sufficient to establish terminationMarch 20, 2018

    The impending legalization of marijuana has generated a consistent buzz of articles and discussion on the implications for the workplace. As a potential harbinger of things to come, the Court of Appeal of Newfoundland and Labrador recently reversed a judgment on judicial review and upheld an arbitra … Read more »

  • Fabricating reasons for dismissal leads to large damages awardFebruary 28, 2018

    In Bailey v. Service Corporation International (Canada) ULC, 2018 BCSC 235, the BC Supreme Court rejected the employer’s argument that an employee had abandoned his employment, or that alternatively there was just cause for dismissal, when he absented himself for medical reasons for approximately 2. … Read more »

  • Ethics manager terminated for breach of trustFebruary 24, 2018

    In 2015, the BC Court of Appeal issued the decision Roe v. British Columbia Ferry Services Ltd., 2015 BCCA 1, in which it overturned a trial judgment which had found there was no just cause for the termination of a high level manager who handed out food vouchers to his daughter’s volleyball team. Th … Read more »

  • BC Court rules on appropriate use of Fast Track litigationFebruary 24, 2018

    In the recent BC Supreme Court decision Ritts v. Bing Thom Architects Inc., 2018 BCSC 252, the court ordered a matter removed from the Fast Track process. Rule 15-1 provides an expedited means for parties to pursue litigation. In this circumstance, the plaintiff filed the matter under Rule 15 and, w … Read more »