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  • Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in Text MessagesDecember 10, 2017

    As the nature of technology we rely upon in our day to day lives change, so has the law been required to change to adapt to this new world. One piece of technology ubiquitous in our modern world is the cell phone. At first cell phones could just make calls, […] The post Reasonable Expectation of Pri … Read more »

  • When can a Judge change their decision?November 10, 2017

    A judge can only make a decision within their jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is legal power of the court to exercise authority over a person, subject matter or geographic area. The doctrine of functus officio (Latin for “having performed the function of his or her office) refers to the principle that a … Read more »

  • Conditional and Absolute Discharges in Canadian Criminal LawNovember 7, 2017

    When a person is convicted at trial or enters a guilty plea, he or she will receive one of the following sentences: discharge – absolute or conditional suspended sentence fine alone fine and probation conditional sentence order prison prison and probation intermittent sentence intermittent sentence … Read more »

  • What is Self-Defence?November 1, 2017

    Self-defence is a legal defence for an assault. It’s circumstances that require the victim to respond to force, or threats of force, with force in order to stop an attack. In March 2013, the Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence Act came into effect, replacing the former self-defence sections of the Cri … Read more »

  • Eyewitness IdentificationOctober 6, 2017

    No matter the offence, the Crown Attorney must always prove the identity of the accused as the person who committed the crime in order to secure a conviction. Depending on the case, sometimes the accused identity is admitted and not in issues. In other cases, the sole issues is the […] The post Eyew … Read more »