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  • How is a Firearm Defined Under the Criminal Code of Canada?

    Firearm offences are among the most serious charges in the Criminal Code. But what is a firearm? How does the Crown prove that a device is a firearm? And how does that affect what charges are going to be laid? This video provides a quick summary, but for a fuller […] The post How is a Firearm Define … Read more »

  • Impaired Driving Penalties in Canada

    After the legalization of marijuana in Canada, amendments were made to the Criminal Code to reflect the changing nature of impaired driving offences. While the amendments included both minor and significant changes to impaired driving laws, one area of significant change was the sentencing regime an … Read more »

  • Your Rights when Stopped by the Police (in Canada)

    Your rights are enshrined in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It’s important to know your legal rights when dealing with the police. These rights form part of the foundation of our legal system and are in place to protect your privacy and liberty. A failure to know and utilize […] The post Y … Read more »

  • Protect Your Home from Burglary (20+ Pro Tips)

    Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Burglar If you are a homeowner, this article is a must read. There is a lot of misconceptions out there about keeping your home safe. If you follow my tips, your chance of being a victim of a break and enter will be greatly […] The post Protect Your Home from Burglary (2 … Read more »

  • Top Ten Crazy Canadian Laws

    For a change of pace from my usual articles on serious legal topics, this article is all about the craziest, weirdest and most unusual laws in Canada. All the crazy Canadian laws found on this list were at one point in time in force and effect across all of Canada. […] The post Top Ten Crazy Canadia … Read more »