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  • Court Orders of Protection in ManitobaJune 22, 2017

    In Manitoba there are many different kinds of court orders designed to protect those in the community who safety is endangered. These orders may be made by the criminal, civil and family court. The criminal court will issues protective conditions in the form of undertakings and recognizance, in-cust … Read more »

  • Licence Suspension Appeal BoardJune 16, 2017

    When charged and convicted of certain offence under the Criminal Code of Canada or Highway Traffic Act, the court may prohibit you from driving, Manitoba registrar of motor vehicles may suspend you from driving, or both. For instance if you are convicted of impaired driving, the court will order a [ … Read more »

  • What does the Law Society of Manitoba do with Practice Fees?June 13, 2017

    Every year across Canada lawyers are required to pay practice fees to their respective law society in order to allow them to practice the law. A lot of lawyers pay these fee without thinking too much about it, so I thought I would take a closer look. In 2016, lawyers […] The post What does the Law S … Read more »

  • Reasonable Grounds to Arrest in CanadaJune 6, 2017

    In Canada, the police are empowered to detained and arrest under the Criminal Code of Canada and the common law. The police may arrest a person when issued a warrant by a Justice of the Peace or Judge. In these instances, the grounds for arrest are judicially reviewed to determine […] The post Reaso … Read more »

  • How do I withdraw a guilty plea?June 2, 2017

    When entering a guilty plea in court, the lawyer or judge will usually ask a number of questions to determine if the accused knows their basic rights and possible consequences of entering the guilty plea. These questions are known as the plea inquiry and are set out in Section 606(1.1) […] The post … Read more »