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  • Winnipeg Mental Health CourtAugust 3, 2017

    The Winnipeg Mental Health Court is one of three problem solving courts in Manitoba, which include the Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court and the Thompson Domestic Violence Court. The idea is similar to that of the Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court, except with the focus on mental health instead of addiction … Read more »

  • Winnipeg Drug Treatment CourtAugust 2, 2017

    The first drug treatment court (DTC) was established in Toronto in 1998. The idea was to bring together professional treatment services for those involved in the criminal justice system in order to effectively address offenders’ drug additions. Soon after a drug treatment court was developed in Vanc … Read more »

  • Drug Treatment Court Success Story: The Graduation of JJJuly 11, 2017

    All to often the Manitoba criminal law courts are filled with stories of tragedy. It’s the nature of the criminal justice system. A system that involves victims and offenders. Every once in a while, those privileged to participate in the justice system are blessed with different kinds of stories. St … Read more »

  • Uttering ThreatsJuly 4, 2017

    Uttering threats is a charge that frequently appears before the law courts in Manitoba. Often these charges arise in the context of domestic relationships and the work place. Heated words exchanged in a moment of anger may put a law abiding individual in unexpected criminal jeopardy. In R v O’Brien, … Read more »

  • Court Orders of Protection in ManitobaJune 22, 2017

    In Manitoba there are many different kinds of court orders designed to protect those in the community who safety is endangered. These orders may be made by the criminal, civil and family court. The criminal court will issues protective conditions in the form of undertakings and recognizance, in-cust … Read more »