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  • Beer Brand Battle at the 100th Meridian

    By Richard Stobbe A Canadian band, The Tragically Hip, has sued a brewer for the use of a beer name that mimics the title of one of the band’s popular songs. Mill Street Brewery, a brand owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev (the world’s largest brewer), has a beer branded as “100th Meridian Organic Amber L … Read more »

  • Click-Through Agreements

    . By Richard Stobbe Sierra Trading Post is an Internet retailer of brand-name outdoor gear, family apparel, footwear, sporting goods. Sierra lists comparison prices on its site to show consumers that its goods are competitively priced. Chen, the plaintiff, sued Sierra, claiming the website’s compari … Read more »

  • Canadian Site-Blocking Decision

    By Richard Stobbe A streaming service known as “GoldTV” was in the business of rebroadcasting television programing through online broadcasting or streaming services to Canadian consumers. This had the effect of eating into the core business model of traditional Canadian broadcasters such as Bell Me … Read more »

  • Copyright Fight: Hollywood versus a Film School Project

    By Richard Stobbe In the interesting case of Pourshian v. Walt Disney Company, 2019 ONSC 5916 (CanLII), plaintiff Mr. Pourshian says that in 1998, while in high school, he conceived the idea of a film in which a character’s internal organs (Heart, Stomach, Colon, Bladder and Brain), were portrayed a … Read more »

  • Privacy Update: Transborder Data Flow

    By Richard Stobbe In our post earlier this year (Privacy Update: Will Consent be Required for Outsourcing Canadian Data?) we reviewed the changes proposed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. These changes would have changed the way the Commissioner viewed transborder flows of person … Read more »