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  • Importance of using your TrademarkMarch 31, 2018

    Obtaining the registration for your trademark is an important step in protecting your brand, but it doesn’t stop there. There is a requirement that the owner of a registered mark use the trademark in Canada. If you don’t use your trademark, your trademark registration could be cancelled/expunged fro … Read more »

  • Is your trademark already taken?March 13, 2018

    Is your trademark already taken? You have a great name for your new business & start branding your business cards, promotional items etc. with the new name. But did you check if someone else is already using that name? If someone is then your use of the name could infringe their trademark rights. Tr … Read more »

  • What can be registered as a trademark?February 27, 2018

    The most common marks that are registered as trademarks include business names, brand names, slogans, logos, designs or a combination of these (e.g. business name + logo). Restrictions on Trademark Registration In Canada, the following marks generally cannot be registered: a name and/or surname with … Read more »

  • Features of a Strong TrademarkFebruary 20, 2018

    If you are just starting your business or are thinking of launching a new brand, you should consider the following features of strong & weak trademarks when creating and selecting your trademark. Strong trademarks Coined marks The strongest trademarks are those that are “coined” (e.g. invented) word … Read more »

  • How to use Trademark Symbols the Right WayJanuary 29, 2018

    Although there is no requirement in Canada to mark your trademarks, it is beneficial to use the following symbols to make the public aware of your trademarks. Unregistered Trademarks The symbol is generally used for unregistered trademarks. By using a trademark (e.g. brand name, product name, logos) … Read more »