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  • Copyright vs. Industrial Design

    Copyright vs. Industrial Design There are several forms of Intellectual Property (IP); sometimes it is difficult to determine what type applies to your design or product. Copyright Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. For example, copyright protection would ext … Read more »

  • Why you need a Trademark Search

    Trademark Search There are many expenses when starting a new business, and many people think that a Trademark Search is just an extra cost that isn’t necessary. In reality, a Trademark Search prior to starting your business can save you a lot of headaches and also ensure that your investment in your … Read more »

  • Geographic Names as Trademarks

    Geographic Names as Trademarks Many businesses choose trademarks containing geographic names (e.g. city, neighbourhood, street) as it helps attract consumers by identifying the location of the business (e.g. Yorkville Bakery). However, trademark registration is extremely difficult for trademarks tha … Read more »

  • What is Inherent Distinctiveness?

    Under the new Trademarks Act which came into effect June 17, 2019, Trademark Examiners will now assess a trademark as to whether it has inherent distinctiveness. Inherent Distinctiveness Inherent Distinctiveness means that the trademark has sufficient features to act as a distinguishable identifier … Read more »

  • Patents: Third Party Rights

    Changes to the Patent Act & Patent Rules take effect October 30, 2019. One change that is very important to be aware of is the introduction of Third Party Rights. Third Party Rights Third Party Rights will now arise during the period of time after an applicant/patent owner fails to take a required a … Read more »