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  • Registering a Trademark: Opposition Stage

    Registering a Trademark: Opposition Stage After a trademark application has been searched and examined by an Examiner, but before the application is “allowed” to proceed to registration, the application enters a 2 month opposition stage. Published for Opposition Once an Examiner is satisfied that th … Read more »

  • Changes to Canadian Trademark Law

    Canada will be implementing changes to the Trademark Act & Trademark Regulations in order to align with international agreements & treaties. Below are some of the changes that are expected to take effect some time in early 2019. Trademark Filing Fees One significant change will be to the fees for fi … Read more »

  • Copycat Brands

    Are you concerned about other businesses copying your business name and/or branding? You should be. Copycat brands do appear in the market, trying to capture business from the goodwill in your brand. They typically copy some or all of your branding elements, like your brand name, colours and/or logo … Read more »

  • Cannabis Trademarks

    The Cannabis Act comes into effect October 17, 2018. Already this year, over 500 trademark applications were filed in Canada for cannabis related products and services. If you are starting a Cannabis business, you need to be aware of certain restrictions on the promotion of cannabis products and ser … Read more »

  • What is Trademark Confusion?

    What is trademark confusion? A trademark (or trade name) causes confusion with another business’s trademark (or trade name) if the use of both trademarks in the same area (e.g. selling the same or similar products/services) causes consumers to believe that the two companies are the same or related. … Read more »

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