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  • Marketing & Trademarks

    Trademarks are at the core of brand & marketing efforts, however Marketers & Trademark Lawyers/Agents typically have different views on what makes a good trademark. Definitions A trademark acts a source indicator for goods and/or services and distinguishes that source from others in the marketplace. … Read more »

  • Startups & Intellectual Property

    Startups & Intellectual Property (IP) Starting a business is exciting, talking about intellectual property, not so much. However, identifying & protecting your IP early on can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Intellectual Property (IP) includes trademarks (e.g. business name, logo, slogan) … Read more »

  • Why Hire A Trademark Agent?

    Save Time Spend your valuable time and energy on building your business, not learning the ins and outs of the trademark registration process. As a Registered Trademark Agent & Lawyer, I can file your trademark application quickly, and handle the application process for you all the way to registratio … Read more »

  • Registering a Trademark: Opposition Stage

    Registering a Trademark: Opposition Stage After a trademark application has been searched and examined by an Examiner, but before the application is “allowed” to proceed to registration, the application enters a 2 month opposition stage. Published for Opposition Once an Examiner is satisfied that th … Read more »

  • Changes to Canadian Trademark Law

    Canada will be implementing changes to the Trademark Act & Trademark Regulations in order to align with international agreements & treaties. Below are some of the changes that are expected to take effect some time in early 2019. Trademark Filing Fees One significant change will be to the fees for fi … Read more »

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