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  • What is Trademark Confusion?July 31, 2018

    What is trademark confusion? A trademark (or trade name) causes confusion with another business’s trademark (or trade name) if the use of both trademarks in the same area (e.g. selling the same or similar products/services) causes consumers to believe that the two companies are the same or related. … Read more »

  • Business Name/Corporation Registration ≠ Registered TrademarkJune 30, 2018

    A business name registration or corporation registration does not give you registered trademark rights in your business name. Learn more about the differences between Trademark Registration, Corporation Registration and Business Name Registration. Registering a Corporation Once you have registered y … Read more »

  • Have you claimed your trademark?June 1, 2018

    Over 60,000 trademark applications were filed in Canada between April 2017 and March 2018 (Source: CIPO). Don’t put your brand in jeopardy and let another party register your trademark;  claim your trademark today! Trademark Registration Registering your trademark is both a defensive strategy and an … Read more »

  • Should you register your Brand Name + Logo together or separately?April 30, 2018

    I am often asked by business owners about whether they can or should file a trademark application for their brand name and logo together in one application. The first important thing to note is that each trademark application that is filed covers only a single trademark, so if you file an applicatio … Read more »

  • Importance of using your TrademarkMarch 31, 2018

    Obtaining the registration for your trademark is an important step in protecting your brand, but it doesn’t stop there. There is a requirement that the owner of a registered mark use the trademark in Canada. If you don’t use your trademark, your trademark registration could be cancelled/expunged fro … Read more »