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  • Copyright: Using images for social media

    Copyright: Using images on social media If you ever wondered if you can use that image you found through a Google search on your social media post or on your website, this post is for you. Copyright protection of images Every photograph or image created is protected under Copyright. Copyright protec … Read more »

  • Copyright: What is Fair Dealing?

    What is Fair Dealing? Fair Dealing is a type of exception to Copyright infringement and is defined in the Canadian Copyright Act. What is Copyright Infringement? Generally a copyrighted work is infringed when a person reproduces or publishes the copyrighted work (wholly or in part) without permissio … Read more »

  • Trademarks: Goods & Services Statement

    Trademarks: Goods & Services Statement When you apply for trademark registration, in addition to identifying your trademark, you need to specify the types of products and/or services you are selling in association with the trademark. Purpose The Goods & Services statement defines the scope of protec … Read more »

  • Trademarks: NICE Classification

    Trademarks: NICE classification The NICE classification is a system for classifying goods and services that is used when applying for trademark registration. It is an internationally recognized system and is updated periodically to capture new types of products and services. Classes The NICE classif … Read more »

  • Trademarks: Standard character vs. Non-Standard character

    Standard vs. Non-standard trademarks The types of trademarks that can be filed are grouped into 2 categories: Standard character marks & Non-standard character marks. Standard character trademarks The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has a standard character set comprised of letters, num … Read more »