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  • “The ProBono Students Canada Experience” authored by Jodi Hancheroff

    ProBono Students Canada has played a paramount role in my law school career. At the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law, there exists approximately 20 projects to choose from for the 2020-2021 academic year. These projects allow students to gain volunteer experience in a field of law that is … Read more »

  • Williams Lake First Nation v Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Development), 2021 FCA 30

    Appeal remitted back to the Specific Claims Tribunal. The Federal Court of Appeal determined that the tribunal was unreasonable in their assessment of the Crown’s fiduciary duty owed towards the appellant First Nation. The tribunal erred by failing to give adequate consideration to applicable common … Read more »

  • R v JC, 2021 MBQB 52

    A conditional sentence was considered fit and appropriate for an Indigenous offender that pleaded guilty to assault. He cares for his three children, is not a threat to the community and in keeping with Gladue principles, will keep his family unit together. Indigenous Law Centre CaseWatch Blog In 20 … Read more »

  • Iskatewizaagegan No 39 Independent First Nation v Winnipeg (City), 2021 ONSC 1209

    Ontario’s motion is dismissed. Ontario moved for an Order to strike out Iskatewizaagegan’s Amended Statement of Claim claiming that it is plain and obvious that Iskatewizaagegan pleading disclosed no reasonable cause of action for breach of a sui generis or an ad hoc fiduciary duty. The Court finds … Read more »

  • R v RS, 2021 ONSC 2263

    A jury acquitted an Indigenous man of one count of sexual assault, but found him guilty of another count of sexual assault and the offence of choking with intent to overcome resistance to facilitate the sexual assault. A 90-day intermittent sentence for the choking concurrent to a 2-year less a day … Read more »