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  • CELPIP vs IELTS: Which is Better for Canada Visa?

    For you to be able to come to Canada, most Canada immigration visas require proof of English or French language skills. In this article, written by our Toronto immigration lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld, we are going to look at CELPIP and IELTS – the only two English tests that are accepted by Canada Immigra … Read more »

  • The Ultimate Guide to Cracking the Canadian Job Market

    The Ultimate Guide to Find A Job in Canada Despite the worldwide travel limitations implemented during the pandemic and the current unsettled period, the number of immigrants arriving in Canada is on the rise. The Canadian government expects to welcome approximately 400,000 new immigrants in 2021, w … Read more »

  • The A-Z Guide for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

    Marrying a Canadian comes with its set of responsibilities – the biggest being the spousal visa. Relocating to Canada is a life-changing decision. It is not simple to pack your belongings and go to the land of the Maple Leaf, as it is with most life decisions. That is why we have an A-Z guide carryi … Read more »

  • What Makes Canada the Most Desired Country for Immigrants

    Canada has continuously shown how welcoming it is to immigrants with a very open policy that welcomes individuals from the world over to come and settle in Canada. Covid-19 may have slowed the processing plans, but Canada remains the number one choice for immigrants around the world.  In this blog, … Read more »

  • Canada Announces SIX New Exciting Immigration Programs for Workers and Students

    Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that beginning 6th May, they would accept invitations for SIX New Immigration Programs. This initiative is to help international students, temporary workers, and French Speakers to apply for a PR and make their journey easier.   The prog … Read more »