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  • Medical Marijuana in Your Workplace: Employer FAQsApril 20, 2018

    Today – April 20 (4/20) – marks cannabis culture’s unofficial day of celebration, and we thought “weed” mark the occasion by answering a few common employer questions. When do I have to accommodate medical marijuana? While employers have no obligation to permit recreational consumption of marijuana … Read more »

  • Ontario Announces Health, Safety and Employment Standards BlitzesApril 20, 2018

    The Ontario government has announced that it will be conducting more than 24 health, safety and employment standards inspection blitzes in 2018-2019 targeted at certain sectors in Ontario, with a view to ensuring statutory compliance. A number of workplaces will be visited, including those in the re … Read more »

  • Court Finds Emails Between Management and HR Department Not PrivilegedApril 19, 2018

    A Master of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently rejected an employer’s assertion that emails between management and its Human Resources (HR) department were privileged and therefore not subject to disclosure in a constructive dismissal action. He stated that if “management seeks confident … Read more »

  • PIPEDA Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations PublishedApril 19, 2018

    Beginning November 1, 2018, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) will require private sector organizations to provide notice to affected individuals and the federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) when a security incident involving personal information r … Read more »

  • Pension Funding Reform Continues: Taking Aim at Target Benefit Multi-Employer Pension PlansApril 18, 2018

    Pension plans that meet the definition of specified Ontario multi-employer pension plans (SOMEPPs) are one step closer to having the option to convert accrued defined benefits (DB) to target benefits (TB) – and one step closer to a permanent exemption from solvency funding. If your organization part … Read more »