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  • Are Arbitration Clauses Enforceable? Of Course Says Court of AppealDecember 2, 2016

    The Court of Appeal for Ontario recently released a decision in Haas v. Gunasekaram re-confirming the obvious: arbitration clauses are enforceable. The case is about a simple, broad arbitration clause in a shareholders agreement for a restaurant business.  One of the shareholders alleged fraud.  Fra … Read more »

  • R. v. Jordan, Delay and ArbitrationNovember 21, 2016

    The Supreme Court of Canada released a seminal decision on the Charter right to a trial within a reasonable time: R. v. Jordan. Already murder charges are being stayed for delay. Ministers of Justice and Crown Attorneys across Canada are reviewing the status of serious charges as priority case above … Read more »

  • Hassell Arbitration enhances rules on Arbitrator AppointmentAugust 13, 2016

    In addition to being the principal arbitrator at Hassell Arbitration, Mick Hassell is frequently retained to act as counsel at arbitrations given his experience as a trial lawyer at Hassell Trial Counsel. Since Mick frequently proposes Hassell Arbitration’s rules as the process to resolve disputes w … Read more »

  • For the Ontario Paralegal AssociationApril 30, 2016

    Here are my letter and the slides from the April 30, 2016 presentation to the OPA membership: 160430 MH letter from Hassell to OPA re paralegals, advocacy & arbitration Hassell Arbitration presentation to OPA (slides) Further resources for paralegals interested in learning more about arbitration: Ar … Read more »

  • Fixed Fee ArbitrationApril 2, 2016

    Hassell Arbitration is delighted to introduce a new fixed fee schedule for arbitrations. Our fee schedule combined with the benefits of arbitration make us an attractive alternative to Small Claims Court and the Simplified Procedure. Click here to learn more about our fixed fee schedule.   … Read more »