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  • Summary Judgment Motions

    The Ontario Court of Justice issued a good refresher on summary judgment motions in Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto v. C.G., 20018 ONCJ 193. Summary judgment is a conclusive ending a case short of trial, and such motions are governed by rule 16 of the Family Law Rules. On motion, the cour … Read more »

  • How to Change or Set Aside a Default Order in Ontario Family Law

    I am often approached by clients who seek to set aside a default order. A default order is a court order that was made without a defence or appearance in court by one of the parties. Changing or setting aside an order made in default means to alter or invalidate the order after it was made. Justice … Read more »

  • Hartman Law

    The blog is back in action after a long hiatus. Over the past year I branched out on my own and established Hartman Law, a boutique firm in Downtown Toronto working in family law, civil litigation, and constitutional claims. This blog will remain dedicated to family law issues. If you wish you conta … Read more »

  • Appeal versus Motion to Change…Again

    Time and again I have discussed the difference between an appeal and a motion to change. This very issue arose recently in the case of Concepcion v. Richards, 2016 ONSC 6984. In this case, the appellant appealed an order directing the sale of the matrimonial home and requiring him to pay child and s … Read more »

  • High Income Short Marriage Spousal Support

    The recent of case of Ahmad v. Khalid, 2016 ONSC 5595 deals with spousal support payable by a high income earner in the context of a short marriage. In this case, the parties were married in a religious ceremony on February 22, 2013 and a civil ceremony on November 22, 2013. A child was born on Janu … Read more »