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  • What Causes Seizures in Babies?

    The brain controls how we think, how we move, what we see, hear, feel and automatic bodily functions, such as breathing, digesting and heartbeats. As I explained in this article, your baby’s brain is like the world’s most complex telephone system, transmitting messages and instructions (in the form … Read more »

  • Long-Term Outcomes of Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

    In Milne v. St Joseph’s Health Centre, the court determined that Jessy Gibson should have been born a healthy newborn. Tragically, as a result of the negligence in the management of his mother’s care during labour and Jesse’s care during his delivery, Jessy suffered catastrophic brain damage from ox … Read more »

  • Infant Brain Bleeding and Birth Injuries

    In 2008, eleven-year-old Cassidy Ediger sued Dr. William Johnston, obstetrician and gynecologist for damages that were caused by injuries during her birth at Chilliwack General Hospital in British Columbia. Young Cassidy suffers permanent brain damage resulting from deprivation of oxygen in the lead … Read more »

  • What to Do If Your Child is Injured During Birth

    Having a child should be one of the happiest days of our lives. But if your child suffers a preventable injury during birth, the occasion can mark the beginning of a stressful and worrisome path. How was my child injured? Could it have been prevented? How am I going to care for my child in the futur … Read more »

  • McKiggan Hebert named to Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firms in Canada

    Thank you! Thank you! We are incredibly proud to announce that Mckiggan Hebert has been included in Canadian Lawyer magazine’s list of Top 10 Personal Injury Boutique law firms in Canada. In fact, we are the only law firm east of Ontario to be included in this list. It’s a great honour and I think i … Read more »