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  • Legislative & Commercial Rent Assistance for Ontario Businesses

    Canada has now been dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for over two months, and in that time, businesses have faced a host of difficulties, from a loss of business to employee layoffs, paying rent, and even difficulty in completing mandatory tasks while following provincial and federa … Read more »

  • Mortgage Deferral Plans and COVID-19

    With many Ontarians facing layoffs at work due to business loss or closures, there is a very real fear for homeowners that they may be unable to pay for basic needs, such as housing. For those who make regular mortgage payments, most of Canada’s major banks have begun to offer mortgage deferral prog … Read more »

  • Breach of Contract due to Coronavirus & Force Majeure Clauses

    Businesses across several industries are facing slowdowns, or complete shutdowns, in light of the emergency orders issued by the federal and provincial governments due to the current health pandemic. As a result, many businesses may find themselves in the position of not being able to fulfil contrac … Read more »

  • Ontario Real Estate Association Urges Realtors to Scale Back Services

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market, typically robust during the spring and summer, is facing unusual challenges. Real estate, in particular, is an industry that relies on personal contact for all aspects of its operation. Agents meet with clients regularly to negotiate deals, … Read more »

  • What Businesses Need to Consider in Light of COVID-19

    The current pandemic has drastically changed the face of how we do business in Canada in just the past week alone. Offices have closed, people have begun to work remotely and layoffs have already begun. On the other hand, some industries can barely keep up with demand with respect to products and se … Read more »