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  • Viruses & Vacancies – COVID, Leases & You

    Yesterday, Queen’s Law joined its faculty partners across the Queen’s University campus in announcing a Fall 2020 semester that will be largely remote, and similar announcements are being made at colleges and universities across Canada. Where does that leave students who are now not planning on retu … Read more »

  • Epidemics & Emergencies

    Note: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re posting some extra content about legal issues arising from the Canadian responses. Expect sporadic (and more frequent) episodes in the coming weeks! It’s a pandemic! Even today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned “enforcement” as a measure to enco … Read more »

  • Brains behind bars: exploring education in federal prison

    If prisoners can’t receive education beyond a GED, how will they acclimate and survive when they leave prison? That’s the starting point of some research work by Queen’s Law criminal law professor Lisa Kerr and Queen’s Law student Sam Bondoux, looking at issues around prisoner education in federal p … Read more »

  • Beverages & Bylaws

    A few years ago, the City of Kingston introduced some measures designed to curb some of the excesses of student life, especially at certain times of year. The creation of new powers to govern partying in the city with special attention on students has obviously attracted the attention of Queen’s Leg … Read more »

  • Surveillance, schools, and scope: Jarvis and the Supreme Court

    I’m Matt Shepherd. The Jarvis case is back in the news — a court case about a teacher filming his students for sexual purposes, which made it all the way up to the Supreme Court — which makes this a timely moment to talk about that case, and its broader implications.   Lisa Kelly is a criminal law … Read more »