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  • Canada Child Benefit, CERB and Personal Tax Filing Updates

    Families across Canada woke up to a boost in their bank accounts on Wednesday, May 20, after the government sent payments of up to $300 per child under the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), to many parents across the country. The financial boost is intended to help families offset increased costs related … Read more »

  • Income Tax Grace Period Available To Non-US Citizens Stuck In The United States During COVID-19

    By now, COVID-19 has impacted people in nearly every aspect of life, from employment, to travel, to health. In many cases, one aspect of life can impact another. Take for example Canadians who haven’t been able to return home from the United States due to travel restrictions and now face a risk of b … Read more »

  • Looking Ahead to the Re-opening of Major League Sports After COVID-19

    The economic and day-to-day impact of COVID-19 has impacted everyone across Canada and the world. While everyone is affected differently, the loss of sports and entertainment as shared cultural events is something everyone has in common. At Feigenbaum Law, we represent agents, coaches, and business … Read more »

  • Navigating the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

    The implementation of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) is meant to provide economic relief for the private sector by offering wage subsidies for employers as an incentive to keep people on the payroll or return those who have been laid off back to work. The legislation is available to many p … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Brings Tax Changes To Ontario

    Our last few blogs have focused on how COVID-19 has brought changes to how the Canadian and American governments are approaching tax issues at the height of the 2020 tax season. This week, we would like to turn our focus on Ontario specifically and the tax implications being felt here. Many of the u … Read more »