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  • S3E3: Let's Talk LAT

    A Summer special release! Personal Injury Lawyers Harrison Cooper and Lara Fitzgerald-Husek discuss the Licence Appeal Tribunal, virtual hearings, their recent Summer experiences, and more. The material and content provided on “Exhibit Eh”: The Oatley Vigmond Podcast is for general information purpo … Read more »

  • S3E2: A Conversation with John Shamoon

    Rehabilitation Support Worker John Shamoon joins the hosts of our May episode, lawyers Lara Fitzgerald-Husek and Charles Jung, to talk about what an RSW does, what led him into the industry, and how having the right mindset can help anyone make the best of difficult circumstances, both now and in th … Read more »

  • S3E1: Trial by Judge or Jury

    This episode's co-hosts, lawyers Harrison Cooper and Charles Jung, kick the tires about jury trials in Ontario, explaining the differences between jury trials and non-jury trials, before moving into a larger discussion about some recent successful motions to strike jury notices. The material an … Read more »

  • Season 3 Teaser – Welcome Back Charles

    Oatley Vigmond lawyer Charles Jung returns to co-host the show, catching up with Lara and Harrison about the year that was, while announcing a new format and the type of content that listeners can expect to hear in Season 3 of Exhibit Eh: The Oatley Vigmond Podcast.

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  • Eh-OK: Carl Dixon

    “Exhibit Eh-OK” is a series of bonus episodes centered around positive, entertaining conversations with interesting guests, hosted by Oatley Vigmond personal injury lawyers Harrison Cooper and Lara Fitzgerald-Husek. This episode's check-in is with Carl Dixon, an inspirational speaker and career … Read more »