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  • Be Courageous in 2019

    2019 is your year to be courageous. Do something you’ve been afraid of doing. It could be: putting yourself out there by writing a blog post, speaking at a conference, or engaging on social media — increasing awareness of you as a lawyer doesn’t mean you need to share content about the law (e.g., ta … Read more »

  • How To Write an Engaging Social Media Post

    A few days ago I presented on “Social Media Writing for Maximum Engagement” at the LMA Eastern Canada Region Conference in Toronto. I provided tips on how law firms and lawyers can write a social media post to capture people’s attention and encourage engagement with it. Let’s banish posts like these … Read more »

  • Twitter Tricks and Treats (aka Tips)

    Social networking platforms offer many features, but some aren’t easily found or intuitive to use. Here are some Twitter tricks and treats (aka tips). 1.  Do you want to mention people in your tweets, but your tweet is almost at the 280-character limit? A solution is to add a photo and tag people in … Read more »

  • Efforts to Retain Women in Law In and Outside of Law Firms

    After you post a LinkedIn update that conveys content you’re really interested in and the update is liked by others, what do you do? Do you contact those who liked your update to learn more about them and carry on a discussion about the shared topic? I recently did. About a month ago I posted a Link … Read more »

  • A Smartphone Tip for Social Media

    Would you like a faster way to type text you often use in your LinkedIn invitations to connect? Or to include hashtags you repeatedly use in a Twitter chat or in your Instagram posts? Or maybe there’s a phrase you routinely add to your social media posts like “In my latest blog post”? If you haven’t … Read more »

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