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  • LinkedIn for Lawyers: 2020 Features to Engage in 2021

    LinkedIn implemented several changes in 2020 to help users get more out of the social networking platform. I discuss below three new LinkedIn features that were rolled out this year. Use them to build and strengthen both your profile and network as a lawyer. 1.  Featured Section Similar to pinning a … Read more »

  • Channeling Halloween Spirit on Social Media

    Creating and sharing content on a consistent basis on social media can be challenging. It may have become more so during the pandemic with other priorities taking over. One way to help keep your social media presence alive is to seize the holidays and other celebratory days. They occur each year on … Read more »

  • Thriving in “The New Corner Office” (e-book by Laura Vanderkam)

    Remote working is not new to me. Yet the pandemic did throw me off my routine. Regardless, I am always open to new strategies to be more effective when working from home, especially with fitting in personal priorities. I am happy that last month I did something different. I bought my first e-book. I … Read more »

  • Blogging Tips for Lawyers During the Pandemic

    Earlier this month I spoke about Mastering Legal Marketing at the Ontario Bar Association’s Innovation in Trusts & Estates Law program. I provided tips on creating/increasing awareness of yourself, and driving traffic to your website, through social media, third party content, and blogging. Specific … Read more »

  • Gaining Confidence to Appear in a Social Media Video

    Five years ago when I started as a social media consultant for lawyers, the challenge was getting lawyers to be comfortable with the idea of using social media. Although more lawyers have now embraced the use of social media, they need to overcome their hesitancy in posting videos of themselves on s … Read more »