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  • Is Social Media Part of Your Mentoring Relationship?

    Mentors and mentees, are you discussing the mentee’s business plan during your meetings? The goals within that business plan help guide the creation of a relevant marketing and business development plan. In turn, those plans influence the development of a strategic social media plan. Even if only on … Read more »

  • Get Outside Your Twitter-Following Bubble

    Twitter is testing several features. One that intrigues me is the ability to follow topics instead of “people” (i.e. tweets about a specific subject matter over tweets from specific accounts). This test causes me to wonder what effect it will have on saved searches and lists. Twitter Topics As writt … Read more »

  • Memory Lane for Law Career Goals and Throwback Content

    When was the last time you reflected on the beginning of your law career up to now? I mean have you actually sat down to think about what your goals were at the start of your law career and over the past years, and written down whether you achieved those goals? It likely has been a while, if at all, … Read more »

  • Social Media: Opportunities and Risks for the Legal Profession

    “Social Media: friend or foe?” was the topic discussed at the Asian and South Asian Heritage Month Program held a few days ago. This was a joint event among the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), the Ontario chapter of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL Ontario) and the South Asian Bar Associ … Read more »

  • Legal Blogging: Do Your Posts Resonate with Your Audience?

    I spoke at a law firm retreat recently about how lawyers can leverage LinkedIn and Twitter in their law career. When I was introduced, I was asked what a “Clawbies” was. This question arose because I had won a Clawbies award for Best New Blog in 2016 and was a finalist for Best Business of Law Blog … Read more »