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  • Blogging Tips for Lawyers During the Pandemic

    Earlier this month I spoke about Mastering Legal Marketing at the Ontario Bar Association’s Innovation in Trusts & Estates Law program. I provided tips on creating/increasing awareness of yourself, and driving traffic to your website, through social media, third party content, and blogging. Specific … Read more »

  • Gaining Confidence to Appear in a Social Media Video

    Five years ago when I started as a social media consultant for lawyers, the challenge was getting lawyers to be comfortable with the idea of using social media. Although more lawyers have now embraced the use of social media, they need to overcome their hesitancy in posting videos of themselves on s … Read more »

  • Seeking a Speaking Engagement? Shout It Out!

    Although you do not literally need to shout out that you are interested in a speaking role, you should tell people about this interest. Inject the speaking opportunity you seek into someone’s mind. They may be approached for speaking engagements they are unable to accept (such as due to timing) or f … Read more »

  • What Speaks to You Outside of Social Media and Law?

    Are you seeing I’m-taking-a-break-from-social-media-and-will-be-back-in-January posts? Have you scheduled time to do something in the next few days you really enjoy? You’ve worked hard all year. Take the time to do what you like this holiday season. Reflect on why it personally fulfills you. When yo … Read more »

  • Is Social Media Part of Your Mentoring Relationship?

    Mentors and mentees, are you discussing the mentee’s business plan during your meetings? The goals within that business plan help guide the creation of a relevant marketing and business development plan. In turn, those plans influence the development of a strategic social media plan. Even if only on … Read more »