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Information About Environmental Law Insights

The Environmental Law Insights blog provides strategic guidance on emerging environmental issues of importance to companies operating across the United States and Canada. Topics include environmental, health and safety regulatory issues and rapidly expanding law and policy affecting the environmental content and distribution, use and disposal of products. The blog also addresses the pursuit of climate change strategies and the development and implementation of corporate environmental sustainability policies and programs. Blog author Jonathan D. Cocker heads the Firm’s Environmental Practice Group in Canada

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  • New Biogas Standard Anticipates Resource Recovery Laws for Commercial Food Waste

    The Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) has recently released a new proposed standard, the Canadian Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Guideline, with a “view to assist[ing] stakeholders in siting, design, approval, and operations of AD facilities that process food and other organic waste materials in Canada.” … Read more »

  • David Hackett to Speak on Sustainability

    David Hackett is presenting on the September 6, 2019 Environmental Law Institute (“ELI”) Webinar entitled:  “Managing Private Sector Environmental Initiatives (ELI Master Class).”  David will be addressing the topic “Navigating the Legal Risks of Private Environmental Programs.”  Links to the progra … Read more »

  • David Hackett Speaks at UN on Sustainability

    David Hackett Speaks at UN on Sustainability On July 17, 2019, David Hackett presented at the UN’s sustainability conference in New York.  As part of the Ministerial segment of the High-level Political Forum (HLPF), the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and the World … Read more »

  • International E-Waste Laws Extend to Victoria

    International E-Waste Laws Extend to Victoria The global push for prohibitions on both the landfilling and exporting (to the developing world) of e-waste has given rise to new legislative initiatives in many parts of the world.  The Australian State of Victoria has just enacted new e-waste restricti … Read more »

  • Publication Announcement

    Jonathan Cocker’s legal report, “Canada First: North America Adopts Circular Economy Laws” was recently published in Detritus: Multidisciplinary Journal for Waste Resources & Residues, Volume 6, June 2019. To access the full article, click here. … Read more »