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  • Realtors, treat yourselves fairly

    Bill 104, Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2017 represents a potential opportunity for realtors in Ontario to engage in tax planning strategies that were not previously available to them. Under this proposed Bill, realtors will be permitted to establish a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC) and ta … Read more »

  • What Exactly is Canada Doing About the Protection of Our Environment?

    The Federal Government is required under the Federal Sustainable Development Act, S.C. 2008, c.33 (“Act”[1]) to provide Canadians with a strategy as directed by the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle is defined in section 2 of the FSDA, for implementing any thing, action or process … Read more »

  • Coronavirus – Employers’ Frequently Asked Questions

    With health experts proclaiming that the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (i.e., the “Coronavirus”) is likely to become a pandemic, Canadian employers should prepare for the worst and plan how to respond to various employment-related issues that could arise if the virus continues to spread. With that in mind … Read more »

  • Climate Justice and Equality of Women and Girls

    On November 7, 2019, the National Association of Women and the Law (“NAWL”) and Friends of the Earth (“FOE”) filed a Memorandum of Argument of the Proposed Intervenor in the Climate case being appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) by the Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. The FOE and N … Read more »

  • Guidance from the Canadian Securities Regulators on Crypto-Platforms

    Last week, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) published guidance on situations when securities legislation may apply to entities that facilitate crypto-currency trading. The CSA is an umbrella organization of securities regulators from each of the provinces and territories.  The CSA’ … Read more »