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  • Tŝilhqot’in Nation wins 30-year battle

    On May 14, 2020 the Supreme Court of Canada (“Supreme Court”) dismissed Taseko Mines Limited’s (“Taseko Mines”) application for leave to appeal a decision of the federal court of appeal. The decision of the Supreme Court resulted in the refusal of the approval for Taseko Mines $1.5-billion dollar pr … Read more »

  • A review – inspection vs. investigation?

    We have written numerous blogs over the years on the difference between inspections vs. investigations. This blog is a reminder on the general distinction between an inspection as opposed to an investigation and the authority of Provincial Officers (“PO”) and outlines the aspects of a strict liabili … Read more »

  • Approvals from federal authorities may not protect against charges under provincial environmental laws

    In R v Great Lakes Stevedoring Company Ltd,[1]companies are given a stark reminder that provincial environmental laws and regulations must be complied with notwithstanding compliance with all applicable federal laws and regulations and operating exclusively on federal property. Great Lakes Stevedori … Read more »

  • Wide ranging repercussions of climate change

    Reinsurance is the insurance that is purchased by another insurance company to partially insulate itself from the risk of major claims events. Reinsurance companies provide insurance against loss for other insurance companies, particularly losses related to catastrophic risks such as hurricanes, tsu … Read more »

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Environmental Law

    The protection of our health and environment is a fundamental right of all Canadians. The recent events of COVID-19 including the designation of essential and non-essential services, suspension of limitation periods in certain circumstances has businesses questioning what statues, regulations, stand … Read more »