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  • Does GDPR Cause Privacy Problems?

    An article in The Register talks about a presentation at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas where “James Pavur, a PhD student at Oxford University who usually specialises in satellite hacking, explained how he was able to game the GDPR system to get all kinds of useful information on his … Read more »

  • Is it a Contest or is it Gambling?

    Ever wonder why contests have skill testing questions and no purchase entry options? The Criminal Code has several sections that apply to contests, which can make contests an illegal lottery without those elements. The sections are old, yet have uncertain application despite their age. It is rare fo … Read more »

  • More Than You Bargained For

    I often receive requests to review client’s B2B contracts before they sign. I start by asking them to summarize the deal in their own words. Often, when I compare the client’s summary to the agreement it has them giving up much more than they think. I’m talking about data.The commercialization of ou … Read more »

  • What You Need to Know About CyberSecure Canada

    Cyber risks seem to be getting worse. Dangers include external hackers, phishing and social engineering attempts, and intentional and unintentional internal leaks. Responsibility is now considered to be at the board level, and does not stop at the CIO. In an acknowledgement of this reality, the Cana … Read more »

  • The Case of the Happy Spoon

    Do you find the below marks to be confusing? According to the Federal Court’s decision in Loblaws Inc v Columbia Insurance Company, they are not.    Loblaws Mark Pampered Chef Mark  In this case, Loblaws made an infringement claim against Pampered Chef pursuant to section 20 of the Trade-marks Act, … Read more »