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  • Noise or Art? Old School Meets New School

    This month legal research giant, Thomson Reuters, started an Action against Legal AI startup, ROSS Intelligence – setting the stage for what could be a battle over ‘who owns the letter of the law?’ROSS offers a product that uses AI to read court decisions and predict how a judge might render a decis … Read more »

  • The Increasing Urgency of Ethical AI

    Many have questioned whether artificial intelligence (AI) should be regulated.AI in its current form is mostly machine learning. That means the AI learns from existing data and then makes decisions based on how the AI has interpreted the existing data. It might, for example, make decisions about a p … Read more »

  • Is a Bad Trademark Better than No Trademark?

    Far too often clients ask us to register a trademark, but we have to advise them they can’t for various reasons. Or that while it can be registered, it is a weak trademark.Sometimes there are existing confusingly similar registered trademarks that are discovered with a trademark search.But even befo … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Shoves Legal Tech Forward. Will it Stick?

    Although many lawyers and law firms have been embracing technology in exciting ways over the past several years, the legal industry as a whole has been notoriously slow to modernize. But COVID-19 has plunged the world into a new reality and the legal industry had little choice but to adapt, and quic … Read more »

  • Redefining Defamation

    It is without dispute that the internet now serves as our primary source of communication. Despite this, our laws surrounding defamation (the act of tarnishing another’s good reputation) have failed to directly address online content.Currently, we have the Libel and Slander Act – a piece of legislat … Read more »