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  • Montreal Canadiens Respect Public Policy in Canada with Logan Mailloux Drafting

        The uproar and criticism expressed by some over the Montreal Canadiens drafting of Logan Mailloux is misguided, senseless and entirely inconsistent with Canada’s public policy with respect to how we deal with young persons in our criminal justice system.  Canadian public policy on how we have ch … Read more »

  • Divisional Court Slams the Door on Anti-Black Racism Taint

       On July 31st, 2020 a Divisional Court Panel wasted little time in denying former Justice of the Peace Massiah an adjournment to allow him to argue that Anti-Black Racism tainted the decisions of the Justices of the Peace Review Council Hearing Panels which denied his claims for compensation to co … Read more »

  • "He was like a "Soul Brother" on the Bench"

      This is the first post in what I hope to be a series of posts sharing with readers the toxic and dehumanizing Anti-Black Racism and Discrimination I experience in my work as a lawyer in Ontario, Canada regularly.     Some years ago a Justice of the Peace facing judicial misconduct allegations wasr … Read more »

  • Lawyering While Black in Ontario: My Personal Experience

       Many readers will not believe this but it is appears to be “unlawful” for a lawyer to forcefully argue against what he perceives to be racially motivated bias or unfairness in legal proceedings against a Black client.  I use the term appears because from my perspective this makes no sense. Howeve … Read more »

  • Race and Lawyer Regulation in Ontario: My Amended Notice of Motion

                                                              File No. 18H-047LAW SOCIETY TRIBUNALHEARING DIVISIONBETWEEN:The Law Society of Upper CanadaRespondent/Applicant- and – Ernest GuisteApplicant/RespondentAMENDED NOTICE OF MOTION          TAKE NOTICE THAT the “licensee”, Applicant/Respondent  w … Read more »