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  • Children's issues: Children's rights when parents aren't married

    The family dynamic looks very different today than it did decades ago. No longer is a family unit limited to a married man and woman who then have children. Many heterosexual couples are having children before they get married — if they ever get married. As for children’s issues — what does that m … Read more »

  • Family law: Some frequent flyer parents tying up family court

    Parents who have the need to appear in family court for many issues are often referred to as frequent flyers. When it comes to children’s issues in British Columbia, rules are instated under family law. Parents who want the court to intervene in the smallest details often take up valuable court time … Read more »

  • Alberta family law: When it's all in a name

    Decades ago, it was a given that, when a couple married, the wife would take her husband’s last name. Fast forward to the 21st century, and that is not always the case with Alberta couples. Issues attached to marriage in the province fall under family law, and those include name changes. Women don’t … Read more »

  • Excited about buying a house

    Buying a house is exciting as well as stressful. We understand that for many of our clients this may be single most important purchase they make. To make the process of buying a house less daunting, we can break it down into a step by step process. Step 1: Selecting the perfect home There are many d … Read more »

  • Family law: Varying a child support order in British Columbia

    When the need arises to make changes to child support payments, either the payor or the payee can ask for a support order to be varied. Under family law in British Columbia, the term variation is used when an increase or a decrease in child support payments is requested. A request to vary a support … Read more »