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  • Determining Who Is Liable For Advanced Damage When Fault Is Yet To Be Determined

    When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident and is seeking damages from another party, it could be years before the situation works its way through the courts. In the meantime, the injured person may still face financial challenges as a result of the accident, such as medical bills. In some … Read more »

  • Father Seeks Insurance Defence For Negligent Parenting

    Pursuing compensation for injuries suffered in an automobile accident can be a complicated and drawn out process. Identifying who is responsible for an accident and how those responsible are to be defended through insurance can be tough to navigate. A recent decision from the Court of Appeal for Ont … Read more »

  • Avoiding Back To School Bicycle Accidents

    It’s almost time for children to be heading back to school. In most parts of Canada, the start of the school year provides great weather for children in close proximity to the school to ride bikes or walk to school. While it’s great to save energy and get exercise on our daily commutes, it’s also im … Read more »

  • Landmark Criminal Trial Establishes Crime Of Drinking While Canoeing

    We wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the importance of practicing proper safety in and around water. A tragic event which reached resolution in the courts this summer highlights the dangers and consequences of not practicing water safety, particularly as it relates to alcohol and boating. A precede … Read more »

  • Undiscovered Brain Injury Leads To Questions About Disability Coverage

    When an injury happens at work, people can turn to the short-term or long-term disability benefits provided by their employers, should they have such policies in place. Some injuries are of such a nature that they can be identified right away, while others may take a long time to show up, such as br … Read more »