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  • Insurer Tries To Establish Breach Of Contract On Part Of Insured

    There’s an old saying that goes, “the devil’s in the details.” This is something we experience often in insurance contracts, and it’s something all people who carry insurance can keep in mind. But exactly how much attention to the small details is needed to keep an insurance policy valid? In a recen … Read more »

  • Derfel Injury Law Successfully Defends Client In Defamation Trial

    The Internet has had an incredible impact on the way people communicate. With continuing advances in technology, and new ways for the sharing of thoughts and ideas being constantly developed, the court system has had to reconsider how certain issues of law should be understood. Take for example a re … Read more »

  • Court Asked To Decide Whether An Adult Child Living At Home Can Be A “Residence Employee”

    We wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about the importance of how a word is defined in legislation and insurance policies. This week we bring you another example of what might seem like perfectly normal situation on the surface, but when put under the critical lens of opposing sides in an insurance … Read more »

  • Pedestrian Seeks Damages After Being Hit With Projectile Thrown From Car

    When we think of automobile-related injuries, we naturally think of those coming as a result of an automobile hitting another car or a person. But that’s not always the case. In a recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the court was asked whether an insurance company could be gr … Read more »

  • When Is A Spouse Not A Spouse?

    For most people, the word “spouse” is simple to define. A spouse is commonly understood to be the husband, wife, or common law partner of another person. But as we often see, definitions are not always so cut and dry with the law. Sometimes the definition of a term can change as common law evolves. … Read more »

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