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  • So you and your partner are separating… what now?

    If you find yourself asking “What do I do now?” and “Where do I even start?” after a decision to separate, know that you are not alone! The law is complicated and there are many rights and obligations at separation that you may not know you have. If you and your partner are able to discuss the terms … Read more »

  • Limits to the Attorney General’s Discretion

    I have followed closely the events of the SNC Lavalin affair with some interest. This is my perspective on the matter based upon my understanding of constitutional law. Under Canadian law, the Attorney General does not have complete autonomy with respect to the exercise of her prosecutorial discreti … Read more »

  • Patent and Latent Defects in real estate law

    By: Nelly Pohl, law student at Delaney’s Law Firm If you are thinking of buying or selling a house, or if you have bought a house and are only now discovering faults, understanding the difference between patent and latent defects will be helpful. Patent Defects A patent defect is a defect that is ob … Read more »

  • Common risks in residential real estate

    .I have been practicing residential real estate law for 14 years and have closed hundreds of transactions.  I also offer free 30 minute consultations.  As a result I have been speaking with clients over the years about their real estate law related questions.  The following issues are the ones that … Read more »

  • Ottawa real estate lawyer: What happens when a deal goes sideways?

    I have been practicing for 13 years and close between 200 and 300 deals a year.  Occasionally deals won’t close.  Here are some of my perspectives on what happens next: Buyer Typically if the vendor (seller) in the transaction can’t close it’s because they don’t have enough money… i.e. the property … Read more »