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  • Time for a format change. After 18 years of running a traditional blog, I’ve decided to join many of my favorite writers (and some of my least favorite writers) on Substack. Instead of publishing to this site, my posts will be sent directly to your email inbox. And it’s still free, at … Read more »

  • On Nov. 3, the clown show will be put on hiatus for retooling

    More than any devastating news reports, more than any lopsided polling, more than any Nate Silver election forecasts: this convinced me that President Trump is well and truly finished this November: Over ten million Trump cultists, masochists and rubberneckers* watched Trump’s town hall event on NBC … Read more »

  • Is 2020 Trump’s 1993?

    With less than one month before Election Day, this is not what a Republican candidate wants the Drudge Report to look like: This is not what he wants the Five Thirty Eight election prediction to look like: And with the crucial senior-citizen vote in the balance, this isn’t what a normal candidate wo … Read more »

  • False equivalence

    Senator Mitt Romney is taking heat for a statement in which he compares Donald Trump’s behavior and rhetoric to that of Keith Olbermann (who may have been fired from his own YouTube channel by the time this has been posted). My thoughts on the current state of our politics: … Read more »

  • Policing and special needs

    If you’re the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, this is the kind of story that sends chills down your spine: The video from former Statesville Police Officer Michael Fattaleh’s body camera shows him rushing across a classroom toward two women who are sitting with a small boy.“OK, I’ve got hi … Read more »