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  • Save the Strand!

    My favorite store in the entire world might be in trouble because of COVID-19: The Strand Book Store in New York City has stood as a source of pride for the Bass family for 93 years. With its famous slogan “18 Miles of Books,” the Manhattan shop has weathered the Great Depression, survived 9-11, and … Read more »

  • Ranking the video apps

    The good news, now that we’re all stuck working from home, is that there are so many free video calling apps available. The bad news is that there are so many free video calling apps available. It’s now possible to video chat with people almost anywhere in the world. The problem is, everybody seems … Read more »

  • Into the Q-niverse

    If you want to understand the Trump era (at the risk of getting really, really depressed) The Atlantic‘s deep dive into the QAnon conspiracy phenomenon is absolutely essential reading: Conspiracy theories are a constant in American history, and it is tempting to dismiss them as inconsequential. But … Read more »

  • Was Florida Man right all along?

    Weeks after some Sunshine State beaches reopened and got #FloridaMorons trending on social media, Florida has suffered around 43,000 COVID-19 infections and 2,000 deaths. Not good, obviously, but not nearly as bad as predicted – and not even close to the carnage wrought by coronavirus in New York. A … Read more »

  • Presented without comment

    Jay Sekulow is right now before the Supreme Court arguing that Trump is too busy as president to have to turn over his taxes.— Jon Becker (@jonbecker) May 12, 2020 … Read more »