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  • Spanish Court Refuses to Hear American’s Helms Burton Claim

         In May 2019 the United States ended the suspension of rights of Americans under the Helms-Burton Act to sue for losses arising from the Cuban government’s expropriation of their properties in Cuba.  The following month, a Cuban-American and his company, heirs to former owners of expropriated Cu … Read more »

  • Hague Conference Adopts Judgments Convention

    IntroductionThe Hague Conference on Private International Law adopted its Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters (“Convention”) on July 2 at the Hague Conference’s 22ndDiplomatic Session.  The Convention will go into effect after two countri … Read more »

  • Legal Test for Risk of Unfairness in Foreign Court Systems Evolves

         Recent news reports about the fierce resistance in Hong Kong to a proposal to allow extradition to the People’s Republic of China, and about the imprisonment of dissidents in Saudi Arabia,  remind us that some foreign countries have judiciaries that often fail to deliver justice, due to bias or … Read more »

  • New Guidance from the Ont. C.A. re Forum Selection Clauses

         A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal suggests that forum selection clauses (“FSC’s”) will be construed as non-exclusive unless they are clearly exclusive.  Background     Let’s first review the differences between exclusive FSC’s, and non-exclusive FSC’s.   Exclusive FSC’s require t … Read more »

  • Brazil Accedes to Service Convention

         Brazil has acceded to the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extra-judicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters (the “Convention”); it will go into effect in Brazil on June 1, 2019.    This is sure to simplify and expedite the process for plaintiffs outside Brazil to ge … Read more »